IMPORTANT: Been Away Too Long!

Hello, all. Wow, it’s been nearly THREE YEARS since anyone posted here – I don’t know how this thing came to my head!

All the admin’s last posts were a while back, and this blog’s pretty much abandoned. But hopefully I should be able to reconvene with the other blogmasters here and get something worked out. Technology’s changed quite a bit, and it should be easier to regulate this thing and delegate it out between the few that are here. Hope to update here soon.

ANY AND ALL BLOG ADMINS: If you somehow get notification of this, contact me. Pretty please. I’d like to get this thing up and running again.

– KC

P.S. …Nirvana isn’t the greatest band ever.

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Favorite childhood movie

For some reason, I always loved this movie, whether or not it was about tall blue aliens and tiny little people who both got killed a lot. My favorite scenes happened to involve things like one of the tiny people being caught in a box they'd stolen and sucked underground, the ant-eater-like creature coming and eating them, and various other "oh no, the little people are dying" scenes. Maybe I liked the way the aliens ate their breakfasts standing up? O.o Ah well, whatever it was about the movie that made me love it, I'm glad it allowed me to watch this so many times that I would remember details like that.

… and now I want to see it again.

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Homework can affect you.

I haven’t been on here in a while…. Wow. I can actually see a few cobwebs as I look through my profile info. I blame GEOMETRY homework!

WARNING! This post will contain a severe case of topic switching.  If it makes you dizzy, please grab a hurl receptacle before continuing.  Thank you!
Now, for an update. Jose has gone from cool and ok to slightly immature in only a few days. Ah well, I think he’ll mature eventually. 

I have had several instances where I know I am dreaming and go on some kind of random dream tour within the past few weeks, and it is very interesting to say the least. 

I have already made my near-final draft of my Christmas list. It’s not very long, and mostly filled with old video games and systems.  But hey, I’m nerdy like that. 

Anyway, there was a substitute teacher in English today, and he would NOT shut up.  He just kept talking about completely off-topic subjects nobody really cared about.  I feel bad for the guy though, considering he’s 73 years old and a girl in our class cussed him out. 

I also got caught by an administrator with my Game Gear while I was leaving the lunchroom.  Mah jeans… If only the pockets were bigger!  Fortunately, he only said that he’d “rather not see it again.” But to me it sounded more like “If I see that thing again, I’mma take it, break it, and laugh in your face, ya dweeb.” 

Also, Mr. Weiland IS MR. MACKEY.  I have proof, like how he always says to stay away from drugs, his addition of “mmkay” after most sentences, and he even looks like Mr. Mackey.

I feel that a Sega Nomad would complete my Sega collection.  What do you think?

When your dentist tells you to floss, just do it.  Even if you have braces.  It may be difficult, but I have gum pain.  Imagine how not-so-fun it is to use a Waterpik on those gums.

My bus driver had an extremely funny joke pulled on her because nobody likes her.  And I mean NOBODY.  Not ONE person on the bus has a single shred of niceness to give to the bus driver because she acts like she’s better than everyone else.  And she also puts the bus intercom up to the radio to create loud, high-pitched feedback.  She deserves a prank!  Anyway, somebody in the middle of the bus either cussed or played music at the railroad (where you’re supposed to be silent).  The bus driver started saying things like “Who’s cussin’ back there? I dun wanna heah no cussin’!” and “Who’s playin’ music back there?”  So one kid on the bus yells out “Joe!” Even though there is NOBODY with the name Joe on the bus, the bus driver begins asking “Who’s Joe? Where’s Joe?” She then GETS UP and talks to a kid named Ivan and asks him “Are you Joe?” When Ivan says no, the bus driver begins walking towards the front of the bus and says “Who’s Joe? Joe who?” Another kid yelled out “Joe MOMMA!”
That made EVERYONE on the bus laugh, including me.  The bus driver just said “I dun wanna heah no mo dat back dere.” and resumed doing what she was paid to do in the first place:


I believe you have heard enough out of me for the next few weeks.  I’m gonna perfect my Genesis skills so that I will be ready to show them off ANYWHERE once I get a Sega Nomad!

Peace out bruthas,


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Holy monkey turtles batman!

So… How ya doin’? I haven’t been here for a while. *awkward pause* Sorry about that.


But over the loooooooong weekend, I managed to do productive things. And by productive, I mean I wrote a How to Train Your Dragon fan fiction, which I JUST published, so I can’t put a link quite yet, but I will edit it in here wordswordswordswords sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, it will be here.

Happy trails!


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Dragons and birds, oh my!

Last night, I watched two movies in a row with my bro, my Grandma, my Mom, Zoe, and Miss Kitty. The first one was How To Train Your Dragon. The thoughts I had through most of it? “Oh my gosh that’s so CUTE!”, “THEY’RE GONNA DIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!”, and “That girl is a bit of a jerk.” Of course, the girl doesn’t turn out to be so bad, but that isn’t the point. ^_^

The second movie was Iron Man 2. When I saw a bit of it (around the end) I thought “Vanko is a jerk.” But when I saw ALL of the movie….. I felt sorry for Vanko, and his bird. Of course, I also felt sorry for Tony and Rhodes (practically everyone except Justin Hammer and that senator who worked with him). And I thought “Natalie’s” fight scene was cool! 😀 I really want to see the third whenever it’s out. O_o

Now I just have to see Despicable Me and Legend of the Guardians………


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The dancing is… something

I’m not exactly sure what it is that dancing is for me (other than awe inspiring, but that’s a no brainer,) but it could be jealousy. Wait, that doesn’t sound right…. *beep*

Hi readers! Or…. visitors. o.O Recently, I’ve been watching videos. No wait… *beep*

HI THERE! *beep*

Hellooooooooo………. I’ve been watching dance videos recently, and reading about certain types of dancing. Like Hip Hop, and Breakdancing. Maybe they’re the same thing? I can’t believe I can’t remember that detail at the moment. -.- Oh! This isn’t dancing, but it sure is inspirational. In its own way. *giggles*

Inspirational, informative, and hilarious. Applause over here please! Yeah… if you’re wondering why I am writing a post about dancing, that could very well be because I have a character in one of the stories I’m working on who I think should have a secret hobby: breakdancing. 😀 And what makes this even better? She’s a werecat. A sabertooth tiger one. IS THAT NOT FANDOODLYTASTIC?!

That is all I have to say for now. ^_^ I should be back next week. “THIS LITTLE RAT IS GUILTY!” o.o *backs away slowly*


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I have it! I have it! *cackles madly*

Last night, on A Raven’s Writing Desk, I posted about obtaining a copy of The Search for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi. The thing is, I forgot to post about it here! So here’s a link to the post where I have my freak out. 🙂 By the way, I’m 51% through it, according to Goodreads. *does happy dance* Now to finish dishes so I can write a proper post here….



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Eek! Neglection problem. O.O

Yes I used an emoticon in the title. Probably shouldn’t have done that now that I think of it, but oh well. Can you believe I haven’t posted on here for so long? It’s almost unimaginable. O_O The reason is the writing only blog I put together, A Raven’s Writing Desk. I’ve been working on some posts to be time released, but I’ve got three up (and two more shall add the ranks of the published post world!) And if you like the content, you don’t have to use the RSS! You can just subscribe via e-mail. ^_^ I pander to you guys’ needs don’t I? XD I’ll still be posting here, topics that aren’t related to writing in all likelihood.

So, with that I say a temporary good bye. Don’t cry too much, I still exist. 😉 And keep an eye on my new blog around Halloween if you are interested in myths that aren’t as well known as werewolves or vampires (who are cool… even if some are practically crystals and others tear their shirts off all the time.)


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Too soon?

Okay, now that Thanksgiving (in Canada) is over, I feel like getting into the christmas spirt. But I think it might be a TAD too soon. Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year evereverever! I just wanna crack out the  and the Garth Brooks christmas album. But alas, I get yelled at for blasting carols in the middle of October.

I suppose I should wait until after Halloween, but I can’t! ;.; I loves the xmas music too much, so sue me!


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Downs vs. Schiessl – THE EPIC BATTLE

Hello all. I was saving my previous weekly report to gather more information on an interesting rivalry going on between two teachers on campus – Mr. Downs and Mr. Schiessl. (pronounced “shizzle.”)  I visited Mr. Schiessl’s classroom one day for him to tell me to say something to Mr. Downs, the music teacher. That something was, “Why can’t we just use Guitar Hero instead of having to learn the real guitar?”  So I tell this to Mr. Downs, and he pulls out the Core Curriculum binder ridden with evil, and begins to tell me the school objectives for the year. I told him partway through his explanation, “Mr. Downs? I was joking. Mr. Schiessl said to tell you that.” He then shook his head and vowed his revenge against Schiessl. I asked him if he would like me to record a message to Mr. Schiessl, and he said, “I am sure his day will come. I will find a special project for him.” I asked him what this special project was, and he replied with, “I will find something VERY rewarding for Mr. Schiessl.” Mr. Downs scares me.  So I go to Mr. Schiessl’s room and show him the message, and he begins to laugh, saying that Mr. Downs always says he has some big plan going on, but never really does anything.

The next day I went back to Mr. Downs, informing him of what Mr. Schiessl had said.  Mr. Downs told me that he has cardboard laid out at his house (whatever that means), and that he is working on this “special project.” He also informed me that he has SENIORS, and several of his best seniors will be partaking in this epic struggle.  I relayed this information to Mr. Schiessl, and he wished that he had something that I could record to show Mr. Downs. And Mr. Schiessl was also busy in the afternoon, thus there was not much conversing between the two teachers. The final word from Mr. Downs this week claimed that his grand project was nearing completion, and that it would be put into effect within the next week or two.  Personally, I cannot wait to see the outcome of the epic battle between Mr. Downs and Mr. Schiessl.

If you have any “special project” ideas for Mr. Schiessl to use against Mr. Downs, please let me know by posting a reply. If someone comes up with a good idea, I may suggest it to Mr. Schiessl!


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