This is kenkaniff speaking!

Hello everyone! I am kenkaniff (but not from Connecticut). I have come to say hello to all my fans out there. I would just like to thank all of you for coming to visit this post today, and I would also like to thank LCD for allowing me to be a part in this bliggity bloggity thing. With this, you can rest assured that your homes are no longer safe.

(Just kidding, you’re still safe…. Or ARE you?)

If you don’t think you are safe, check out

– kenkaniff


About kenkaniff

Aspiring Musical Artist
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3 Responses to This is kenkaniff speaking!

  1. LCD says:

    XD Nice entrance. ^_^ My first piece of amusement this morning! ^_^

    • kenkaniff says:

      I am glad. Hopefully, my entrance will produce more blog hits. People, you need to read this!

      • LCD says:

        XD It’s moved up to 15 hits so there must have been SOMETHING that brought that about. 😛 I’ll check the stats. XD We shall have fun this summah. ;D

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