Media Converter

You can only do five conversions a day but…. meeeeeeeeehhhhhh……. if you want more, and you’re converting YouTube stuff, use

But in other cases, use Media Converter. ^_^ It’s very good. 😀



About Adaraschia

I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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2 Responses to Media Converter

  1. LordProctor says:

    Thank you for providing the link to the Media Converter LCD….Its very helpful Indeed! 🙂

    Sure hope that purple fish Is a “Temporary” Tattoo!! 😉

    That Mary Amato Book Is something else I’ll tell you…my word! 8-0

    I must have lived a sheltered life as a child….I certainly don’t recall those sorts of literary shenanigans!!

    Evidently..(so I’m told) I spent most of my childhood walking around In circles bumping Into things and blinking in bewilderment and then repeating over & over…wuts dat….wuts dat….wuts dat! 🙂

    Peace Out!! 😎

    • LCD says:

      Your welcome LordProctor. ;D Yes, the purple fish is a temporary tattoo, I changed it to a red one with grey waves, and that ones almost gone now. XD
      And “literary shinanigans”? XD My bro doesn’t think so, he loves it. When he got the book we all had to write in it. XD If he sees you you’ll probably be asked to write in it. 😛 And a “sheltered childhood”. Hmmm… what’s that supposed to mean? According to some, kids who swear a lot (like having a swear word in every sentence) have had a “sheltered childhood” and they “don’t know any better”. Pfft, I don’t believe it. 😛 XD Let me guess… J said the “wuts dat” thingy. 😛 Well I don’t think so, I think you lived an enlightened childhood. XD

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