iTunes annoyance, books, cars, and random other stuff

Okay……. my iTunes is annoyance is THIS……… ITUNES WON’T OPEN FOR SOME FREAKING REASON!!!!!! 😡 It’ll load SURE…. but then some blank message comes up and there is no “okay” button, so I have to force quit the application! 😡 THERE SHALL BE WAR! VIOLENCE! BLOOD! RIOTS! I’m thinking of writing something about that….. but that “there shall be war” etc etc thingy I just wrote is something I found “somewhere” which I modified to this occasion…. oatmeal chocolate cookes (or some other sort of lovely cookie) and kudos to whoever gets the reference. While I waited for my CPU (lovely, praisworthy CPU… XD) to be logged in, I read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, at the current moment of typing, I am at page 202, this is the fifth time of my reading the book. 😛 For cars, I’ve been watching someone else’s CPU which was left on the Hotwheels Color Shifters page…. I wonder how they managed to make it so the colours would change? Aaah well… it’s a mystery to me. 😛 And there are more interesting things for me to think about…. LIKE BEATING THAT FREAKING FOURTH LEVEL OF ROLLGOAL! That bloody ramp is what gets me. -.- Gentleness and slowness get you nowhere with those cursed ramps. Curse ’em curse ’em curse ’em…….. other than that, about the “Shadow, Eggman, Tails and Disclaimer” references that have been blooming about the blog…. XD It’s just a bit of fun to keep ourselves entertained…. and of course, provide all of you with (hopefully) more entertainment. ^_^ Maybe we could make short comedies… or a podcast thingy of sorts…. oh no wait, a podcast would be out of the question, unless we could get it on iTunes, seeing as you have to buy whatever-it-is to get to be able to upload mp3s and videos from your CPU. Dang. But maybe if one of us has a YouTube account…. I’d have to get der permish to be able to get a YouTube account but…. it’s an option. AND WHY OH WHY DOES MY CPU HAVE TO BE SO OLD THAT MY IPOD WON’T SYNCH WITH IT?! Grrrrr…….. and maybe at some point I shall make a page on how to write fiction stories…….. or at least get ideas for them… or something… or… other. >.< Oh my god this post is getting lame-o. Oh no wait, one more thing: I HAVE TO GET ANOTHER FREAKING LIBRARY CARD! I wonder what genius decided that teenagers have to get new library cards. 😡

Disclaimer: *pops in* What’s going on here?

*bonks Disclaimer on the head with keyboard*

Disclaimer: *rubs head* What the heck did I do?!

You came in…. *notices the escape key has disappeared* Escape key? “WHERE’S THE ESCAPE KEY!?”*

Disclaimer: Until next time folks….. BONZAI!!!!!!!!! *jumps off cliff and forgets parachute at the top*


*The escape key thing is also a reference, but to a YouTube video thingy featuring some mad kid…


About Adaraschia

I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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One Response to iTunes annoyance, books, cars, and random other stuff

  1. kenkaniff says:

    I could let you use my YouTube account if you really want to.

    Tails: I know where the escape key is! Would you like me to pry it from Disclaimer’s cold, dead hands?

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