Into the Mist

[Warning: Heavy spoilers. ^_^] This book is by Patrick Carman, and doesn’t really take eight hours to read, why? It’s much shorter. 🙂 I haven’t counted the pages recently so I can’t give you a page count (no! D:), but I can give you a post about what I think about it. First of all, it’s the fourth book in the Land of Elyon series, before it are The Dark Hills Divide, Beyond the Valley of Thorns, and The Tenth City. After Into the Mist is the last book of the series (as far as I know), it is called Stargazer. In Into the Mist, Alexa Daley is aboard the Warwick Beacon, and she has asked Captain Roland Warvold once again, where they are going. They have been on the Lonely Sea for awhile now. The other days, Roland would give her a nod and a wink, which would tell her that he wasn’t saying. But that morning, he didn’t give a nod or a wink. He told her that once Yipes (a small man who looks like an eight year old child with a moustache) is up, they should come find him on the deck, and he’ll tell them. Alexa runs off yelling for Yipes, and finds him, asleep, in the cabin. Now, the thing about Yipes, is that almost no matter what, he’ll sleep through almost anything. Alexa is quite sure that if they were attacked by the noisiest monster on Earth, and it was tearing the ship apart, Yipes would sleep through the whole thing. She gently tugged his moustache, but nothing happened, so she tipped him onto the floor, where he fell face down. After she told him what Roland said, they both raced up onto the deck, Roland was sipping some tea, when Yipes demanded to know where they were going, Roland said that his tea was cold, and sent Yipes to get some hot tea from the stove for the three of them. Yipes has a very bad habit of filling the cups up to the very brim, so on his cautious way back, Roland spun the wheel so the ship would lurch to the side, Alexa and Roland listened to Yipes howl as hot tea spilled on his hands. Roland smiled and said “He’ll never learn” to Alexa. When they finally had the tea, and a loaf of bread to share, Roland did not tell them where they were going immediately, but told them a story instead. The story of his childhood, with his brother Thomas Warvold (I’ll not spoil reading the books for you by telling you Roland and Thomas’s connection to Alexa). They started out in the orphanage in Ainsworth, but got removed to Madame Vicker’s house on the hill (the now unnused garbage hill outside of Ainsworth) for a prank they pulled on the headmaster’s wife, which involved snakes and spiders (the poor woman, she had an “almost fatal fear” of spiders and snakes, as the book put it). At Madame Vickers, you dig through the garbage for anything that can be traded or sold. She takes unwanted children and “molds them into useful labourers” as she puts it. They live in the basement, and have the constant fear of either Madame Vickers beating them, Finch (Madame Vicker’s son) getting them into trouble, or Finch letting Madame Vickers’s two ferocious dogs (Max and Mooch) onto them. As Roland tells the story, Thomas and Roland escape to go to the Western Kingdom, but are found by a man called Mr. Clawson, who sends them to the Great Ravine to get something, with a mountain lion he’d captured named Thorn. That’s all I’ll tell you about the story plot. XD But other than that, it’s a really really good book, and there’s a nice illustration of the Wakefield house in the front of the book, and the cover artwork is really lovely too. So is the feel of the books… I only like the hardcover ones. There is a certain texture to them that makes them very nice to hold. But enough about covers! This post is supopsed to be concerning what is in between the covers. Some of the characters that are seen in the earlier and last book. One example of a person who appears in the last book is a boy from Madame Vickers’s named Jonezy. I think my favorite character in Into the Mist is Thomas, he’s adventurous and fun, but Thorn (the mountain lion) was nice too. ^_^ And I hope that Patrick Carman will make a book with Thomas’s paintings, it would be just delightful to read….. and look at the paintings….. it would make Elyon seem much more real. 🙂 But I leave off this blog post with the hope that you’ll check this series out and enjoy it yourselves! ^_^



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