The Shadow of Malabron

Warning: SPOILERS! This is a really good book….. the story within the covers tells about the world that is story… where all our stories come from. Will accidentally goes through one of the gates to the Perilous Realm and meets a girl in the woods named Rowen. She takes him to a snug, a small dwelling that only shows to those who have waylights. The snug is always full and has food for those who come. While there, they meet Moth the Nightwanderer, who guids them back to the road so they can go back to Fable, one of Bourne’s cities. When they reach there, Rowen asks the housekeeper where her grandfather, the toymaker and Loremaster, is. He is at a meeting, so she runs off to tell him about Will’s arrival while he has a bath and eats some dinner. He finds many strange things in the house, books with no titles, or titles that are in strange languages he can’t even guess the name of, a rain cabinet with real rain inside it….. and he finds that he is the first visitor to actually see the unseen rain inside the rain cabinet, which Nicholas Pendrake the toymaker put there to protect Rowen. The next day, Pendrake tells them (quite sternly) to stay in the house, but Rowen tells Will that in the library there are books for different people that tell their stories. He goes to find his, and, following the slip that should lead him to it, he gets lost within the bowels of the library. He folds it the other way so that it will lead him back to where he started, where Rowen is waiting, but nothing happens. But, he does find something… not a book though, a living, breathing animal. A wolf. The wolf is older than most of the Perilous Realm. His name is Shade. Would you believe he came from the story of Little Red Riding Hood? But a retold version, for all the stories in the Perilous Realm are always changing slightly, as if being rewritten in some cases.

Pendrake guesses who Shade is, but doesn’t say until later. A young man usually called Finn is chosen to accompany them on their journey to get Will home. Finn’s family also came from Untold (the land we live in), but his brother disappeared when he went to go find and fight the Mordogs who ransacked the farm they started. Rowen’s father was also from Untold, he had fallen in love with Rowen’s mother and stayed in the Perilous Realm with her. They were killed by another band of Mordogs. When they set out, they are given swords that “come from a land where people are fighting each other over a ring that makes the wearer invisible”. Sound familiar? If so, I’ll tell you why. That story is The Lord of the Rings. So they set out, four humans and one wolf. At the crossroads, Will is supposed to decide which way they go, but he decides to let Shade choose. Shade chooses the road that leads to Eldark, a wild forest. During that trip, Will unconsciously finds a knot way (a way that can take you far from your original starting point in a short time, the first one Will travelled took him seven leagues away from the place he’d found it in a few short minutes!) and meets a giant. Luckily for him, this giant would never hurt a fly, besides, he’s more interested in sleeping than swatting Wayfarers like Will.

During the night, when Finn leaves them to go back to the Errantry (he was only supposed to accompany them for seven days) Pendrake goes off to check and see if a light they see is actually a snug. Voices start calling different things to them, and eventually, Rowen hears Pendrake calling and runs in the direction of his voice, Will and Shade follow and meet Someone. Someone is a thing who does not know who it was, it brings people to it’s “home”, which looks like part of the forest but… it is like they are nowhere, as if it is Not. It asks them a riddle, and if they answer they can go… but it seeks the answer to the riddle within the riddle, it’s identity. Pendrake finds them and gives the answer, and as they leave, he tells Rowen and Will that he doesn’t think that Someone will ever find the answer to who it was. Will finds another knot path for them to use to escape from whoever is pursuing them, for the light was a snug, but someone had broken into it.

Moth and Moriggan find them after they escape a storyshard and help them escape from fetchers. Then, they tell them that the wisp who was guiding them, Sputter (Sputter fuels the waylight and helps them find snugs), who they sent away to possibly set their pursuer off track, found Moth. Sputter led Moth to the knot path which was still open. Moth had found many more snugs that had been broken open, one even had blood runes carved into the door by the person who had broken in.

Okay, I think that will do for spoilers. XD My favorite character was, undoubtedly, Shade. ^_^ Wolves are awesome, Finn was awesome too though. 🙂 Will’s a little clumsy, but lovable. XD Anyway, I really loved this story, it’s one that I’d want in my personal library. 😛 I recommend you read it…. you’re sure to enjoy it! Who wouldn’t, especially seeing as you meet the “Big Bad Wolf”?



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