Sorcery & Cecelia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot

This book is so awesome. Sure having read The Mislaid Magician let me know that they would survive and the girls would marry the Marquis and Mr. Tarleton. 😛 But it was still interesting anyway. It took Pat and Caroline six months to write….. SIX MONTHS……. and they hadn’t even intended to write a book can you believe it! They just looked at the group of letters when they were done and said “this is a book”. XD In my opinion, this book (and it’s sequel The Mislaid Magician or Ten Years After) is a gem in literature, because usually, I won’t even consider reading a book that is written in “letter format” as I call it.

The book starts with Kate going to London for “The Season” while Cecy (Cecelia) has to stay behind, because their Aunt Elizabeth and Aunt Charlotte think that they would wreak havoc on London society if they were together. Kate and Cecy are cousins, but closer than sisters… because Kate’s sister, Georgy, is a complete air head as far as I’m concerned. She gambles (this isn’t discovered until MONTHS later, and only revealed to Aunt Charlotte towards the end of the book, of course, Aunt Charlotte is going to give Kate trouble instead of Georgy… typical), meanwhile, Cecy has discovered something most astonishing….. under the matress for her brother Oliver’s bed, one of the housemaids found a charm bag. Of course, Cecy has no idea if it’s a harmful one or not, so she starts an investigation, which leads to her sneakily “borrowing” a book from Sir Hilary’s library. Cecy starts learning how to make charm bags, and sends a few to Kate.

Meanwhile, Kate has fallen into a trap meant for someone else, she opened a door that no one else (seemingly) noticed. She opened it and stepped inside, and found herself in a garden (she later finds out it is a portion of Sir Hilary’s garden). She is greeted by a lady who appears to be in her thirties, she has powdered white hair and cold black eyes. She greets Kate as “Thomas”. She has Kate sit down and offers her chocolate (hot chocolate that is) from a stunning blue chocolate pot. She keeps on smiling and gloating and that gives Kate time to spill her chocolate, some of it burns a hole through her skirt (something that SHOULD NOT HAPPEN), while some falls on Miranda’s hands. Miranda seems to be in pain from this and is frantically trying to get the chocolate off her hands while Kate dashes outside. She ruins the music that’s going on for Sir Hilary’s presentation to the College of Wizards (or whatever it was) by slamming the door behind her.

Cecy is shocked to find that out, but she has news too. She has recently made the aquainitance of a girl named Dorithea. Dorithea is seemingly prettier than Georgy, but that is only because of a spell Miranda put on her to make her irresistable to men… even though she hardly needs that, given her looks. She’s shy though, and doesn’t enjoy all the attention she receives (Georgy is the one who enjoys that sort of attention though). At a picnic near the lake, Kate spots James Tarleton spying on them. She goes to confront him.

It goes this way back and forth through the whole book, until Kate finds herself wanting to help Thomas, he finds himself liking her, Cecy worries about James’s opinion of her, and he worries about getting her in trouble. It’s really quite fascinating….. read it, I really think you should. 🙂



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