Deep Wizardry

If you haven’t read “So You Want To Be A Wizard”, you should. There are references in this book to that one, but hey…….. I haven’t read SYWTBAW recently! 😀 So I’ll just have to review Deep Wizardry. ^_^

This book starts with Nita swimming at the beach, Kit’s dog greets her and she talks to him awhile, then sends him to find Kit, with the promised reward being two dog biscuits. Nita and Kit are on vacation, supposedly free of their wizardly duties. As Kit arrives, Nita is petting a dolphin. She greets it in the language all animals understand, the dolphin makes a surprised noise and says “A Wizard!” before disappearing. The dolphin finds them and brings them around the island to another small beach, where they find a beached whale being attacked by sharks. Kit and Nita stop the sharks and Nita heals the whale, who is named S’reee, S’reee (or just Reee) is a wizard, the apprentice to the senior wizard of the area, but seeing as her mentor was killed by “an exploding harpoon”, she is now the senior wizard, and is distressed by this. She keeps on saying “I’m only a calf”, and is surprised when she finds out that Kit and Nita are “calfves” or children, too.

That night, Nita flips through her wizard’s manual and finds herself on active status again, meaning her vacation is over. Kit is on active status again too.

Nita and Kit go out almost every night to meet S’reee, because The Song of Twelve needs to be re-enacted again, and she would like Kit and Nita’s help. Nita is to play a part, Kit isn’t, but he comes along anyway. Nita becomes a humpback whale, like S’reee, which is easiest for her because by healing the senior wizard, she and Reee share blood, and are now “sisters”.

Kit however, uses a whalesark to become a sperm whale, the sark came from a whale from around ten thousand years ago. The Song of Ten is done to stop The Lone Power from being freed of it’s binding in the sea floor. Once the song wasn’t done right, and that accident created the fall of Atlantis. Kit and Nita keep on accidentally getting home late, so Nita’s parents don’t want them out late at night, so they have to escape with wizardry, then they are grounded… and eventually, the truth comes out, and Nita tells them about their wizardry. They take Nita’s parents to the moon. Unfortunately, when Nita’s sister finds out she gets mad.

So what can go wrong with a wizardly song (other than the obvious)? There’s a giant shark who’s supposed to eat the person playing the Silent Lord, who just happens to be Nita… but other than that, everything will be fine. Right?

XD I like writing stuff like this. 😛 Anyway, read this story, it’s really interesting. I like how the author wrote it, the descriptions are lovely too, and if I liked doing stuff like killing whales, this book would make me thoroughly ashamed of myself, but I don’t, so this book only makes me wnat to make other people who do enjoy killing whales feel ashamed and stop doing it. 🙂 After all…. whales are magnificent animals, why kill them? :S We blame ourselves for making animals extinct but then we go and hunt down another species mercilessly until they’re extinct to… what’s the point?



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