In my opinion it’s sci-fi, I’m not sure what other people would describe it as but…. meh…. Whatever. 😀 Anyway, back to topic. Mumby. XD Arthur (or Art) Mumby is the young “gentleman” on the cover of the book, depending on the cover you look at, Captain Jack (or just Jack) is also on the cover. Art’s rather prim (and annoying) sister Myrtle is also on the cover. She’s always going on about meeting her perfect gentleman, balls, dresses, cleanliness, etc. etc. And while doing some research of the book on the Larklight website to refresh my memory of the story, I got myself sidetracked to checking out the illustrator, David Wyatt. He has a blog of his own, here’s the link in case you are interested.

David Wyatt

And if you are wanting it, here is a link to the Larklight Website too. 🙂


And now back to the explanations! 😀 … or not. XD I got a little too wrapped up in David Wyatt’s wonderful drawings…… so you’ll excuse me if I branch off a bit won’t you? “There’s a sport” to quote something from some book or movie I watched. XD Anyway, our favorite siblings are dashing around with the natorious pirate Captain Jack and his crew (who aren’t really as bad as they’ve been made out as, and aren’t responsible for half of the disasters that have been pinned on them) while their father is trapped on Larklight by the diabolical Mr. Webster, a giant milky white spider wearing a bowler hat. He is one of the first ones. The first ones are all giant white spiders. So Larklight is encased in a lot of web, looking like a white pompom just drifting through space. Through many unexpected twists and turns, Myrtle and Art get attached to Captain Jack’s crew (my favorite crew members wer Ssilissa and Nipper) and find that they like them, and would not want to give them up for anything.

Captain Jack, in his own way, gets rather attached to Myrtle as well, leading to (in Arthur’s eyes) a rather disgusting moment in the streets of London (I think). The illustrations for this book are just fantastic… ha ha, now I’ve got to check out books like Discworld because they were illustrated by David Wyatt (Discworld ones were recommended to me by a friend so I’d be checking them out anyway). And about “Night of the Soul Stealer”, I’m not writing a book review for that one. I was hoping it would be as scary as the warning on the back cover implied but it wasn’t. Oh well… I even read it in the dark and it wasn’t scary except for one part… where Meg shrieks at Tom but that’s about it. Anyway, until the next post, adieu! XD



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