This. Is. Amazing.

Ever heard of the “Modbook”? No? Well I’ll show you a picture of it, and a link to the Axiotron website’s Modbook page.

And now the link:

Axiotron: Modbook

Basically, it’s like a graphic tablet (which I’ll be showing you a picture of), but in my mind, it’s like a DS, but with one screen. 🙂 I particularly like the fact that the stylus allows you to draw better than you can with the mouse (unless you practice for months). So here is a picture of a graphic tablet now:

Amazing no? Here’s a link to Wikipedia’s article on Graphic tablets. They call it a graphics tablet in the article just so you know. Needless to say, I want both of them, because then I could carry around the Modbook so that when I am not around my computer which sits firmly on a desk at all times (unless you unhook it and lift it into the air (I can just imagine the computer suddenly going “Whee! I’m flying!”)) I can draw, and that way, I won’t waste paper either. Though I’d still like to learn how to paint and draw. And then the graphics tablet could be for my “desk-lubber” computer. I’ve got it aaaaaaaall planned out. Now just to bring them about. Save save save and save some more!

Until the next post (which will probably be a book review judging by the stack of books I borrowed from the library),



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