There’s something that looks like a smudge on the edge og the horizon…. or at least, on the edge of our universe, around Georgius Sidus (or “Uranus” as “vulgar people call it”, that last part was quoted from Myrtle and is not something I myself thought up), a world made of gases and sprouts! Or rather……. it’s made of gas seas where these mer-people things live (I liked the illustrations Mr. Wyatt did of them), and Mr. Cruet (and his daughter Charity) went to live there and preach to the mer-people and teach them to be Christian (…) But they disappeared seemingly. It was Christmas too, the Mumby’s and the crew of the Sophronia had just gotten rid of a pudding-worm which had destroyed their Christmas pudding (Christmas with no pudding! Oh no!). Then Captain Moonfield arrived aboard a “Viper class” aether ship. There was a little man who “looked like trouble” with them, (I forget his name, he was annoying and horrible so I don’t have to remember it). And guess what? He was trouble, he had come only to tell Mr. Mumby about the smudge that kept on appearing around the edge of their solar system (he was mistaken, he was supposed to talk to Mrs. Mumby, who he has no idea is a Shaper), but Jack asked Sir Richard and Ulla how they had been saved from being Changeling trees, and found out a horrifying fact, his family and everyone else on Venus were Changeling trees because of an experiment the British government had been working on to stop any rebellions from non-British people. So Jack stormed out of Larklight, saying he wasn’t going to work for an Empire that had made him an orphan, and flew off.

But that’s not the only surprising thing, that smudge, it was made of thousands of gigantic moths! And Ssilissa doesn’t happen to be the only one of her kind alive (well…. she sort of is, but you’ll find out why later (if I decide to tell you)), her kind are called the Snilth, but Charity Cruet (who Art meets) calls them the Moth riders. Anyway, they were attacked by Moths on their way to Georgius Sidus and Art got into the wrong life boat, so he was with one of the sailors, Sir Richard, and Ulla. They made it through the Moths (literally, they went through one) and onto the planet surface. Luckily, they landed on one of the giant sprout mats. But there are even more surprises! Ssilissa’s true identity turns out to be a shock (I decided I won’t tell you what her real identity is), and her people were not shaped by Mrs. Mumby, but another Shaper who decided not to just die when she had finished shaping her solar system. The Snilths call her the Mothmaker, and she is….. horrible to say the least. They worship her (hate and fear her in secret) as a god. Anyway, to make a long story short, their world is attacked by Moths. The Mothmaker was going to attack Jupiter first but good old Thunderhead showed her why that would not be wise……. Read the book I say! It’s amazing, and everything turns out right again (and the secrets of the Tin Moon are known to the Mumby family and the crew of Sophronia (minus Ssil)). So I repeat, read the book I say!



About Adaraschia

I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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