Doomwyte, by Brian Jacques was a book I’d been waiting for for awhile. And (lucky me!) I found it at the library, just sitting on the shelf! So of course I borrowed it (what else could I have done?) and it proved to be a spectacular read, just like all other Redwall books. This one reveals more about Gonff, Prince of Mousethieves, and we also learn more history about Redwall Abbey (as we always do). But in this one, Gonff stole four jewels from the Doomyte statue, two emeralds from the serpent, two rubies from the raven, they represented eyes. Anyway, after awhile they’re set out on a quest to find the four jewels, and meanwhile, the Doomwytes leader is trying to get the jewels as well. As usual, we meet many lovable characters (from Alucro the owl to Brisky the mouse, a descendant of Gonff) and some not-so-lovable ones (I never knew there could be a mean Log a Log, or some old hedgehog who was intent on killing another creature!)
But their adventures aren’t dull (never!), the painted ones are back again, there’s another door discovered in the cellar, and a mysterious black figure seems to watch over all the comings and goings of serpents and birds from the Doomwyte’s hideout! What could be more exciting? I’ll tell you what, if you’ve read “Redwall”, the name Asmodeus might be familiar, one of his descendants is in Doomwyte, and he goes by the name of Balliss or something like that. And to cap that, even though he’s blind, he’s still as deadly as Asmodeus could have been. But fear not! Not all of Gonff’s descendants dwell at Redwall, and not all of them are so well mannered as Bisky and his “Grandunk” Samolus Fixa (who can fix almost anything). It’s a winding tale, but an enjoyable one. It’s been ages since I’ve read a Redwall book that I did not know the ending of, and I am looking forward to the next one, which I think is called The Sable Quean.

Note: If you are a lover of snakes (or hedgehogs) and do not like to think of injured snakes (or hedgehogs) please don’t read this book, because at one point, Balliss nose-butts Corksnout the cellar keeper, and drives the poor hedgehog’s spines into his bottom (leaving a bare patch), but some are also driven into Balliss’s face, and they pained him greatly for the rest of the book until he died. I won’t tell you how, it would ruin the ending.



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8 Responses to Doomwyte

  1. 65boy says:

    Hey LCD, this sounds like a great book and if I ever come across it or any other in the series I might just borrow it from the library.

  2. 65boy says:

    Hey how did you get that music playing thing on your blog?

  3. Miss Kitty In The City says:

    Normally I am not into these kinds of books as I am into mysteries lately but good golly girl you write a smashing review! Lookout Oprah’s bookclub having
    an influence on the buying public, here comes LCD! 🙂 Keep up the fabulous writing and don’t forgot your fans where you become famous….. 😛

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