2 Days ’til Christmas

Two days until Christmas can you believe it! 😀 I can’t wait until Christmas morning! 🙂 As you have heard before…… “let there be snow… PLEHEHEEEEEEEEAS!!” or something along those lines from people who keep on dreaming of a white Christmas (like me for instance). At the moment, what I say is “Let there be graphics tablets!” XD [insert evil smiley here]. Because (think about it) there are lots of programs for digital art, some do water colour, oil paints….. etc. etc. etc. et blooming cetera. 😛 Oh, by the way, et cetera means “and the rest” in Latin. ^_^ If you’re wondering how I know that, it’s ’cause I learned it from a book a long long long long long long (you get the picture) time ago and memorized it. XD Anyway, I shall wrap up this post now because I am having two pieces of toast with one piece of cheese on each, and it’s kind of hard to type and eat at the same time while still maintaining the same WPM speed.



About Adaraschia

I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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4 Responses to 2 Days ’til Christmas

  1. 65boy says:

    Oh christmas tree oh christmas tree I better have my psp go. (Thats one rhyme I’ve ruined:)) Early Merry Christmas LCD:)

    • LCD says:

      XD Nice rhyme. 😛 I ruined a little Christmas tune to by going “Deck the halls with boughs of folly…” and that was in a blog post. XD I didn’t notice it until later in the post (how embarrassing, thankfully, I was able to find that before posting and make it funny… in my opinion of course). Early Merry Christmas to you too 65boy! ^_^ I hope you get what you want. 😛 (And I sure hope I get what I want too! XD)

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