The Prophecy (Hilari Bell)

The Prophecy by Hilari Bell. Only one hundred and ninety-four pages (and a bit), but still, an excellent read. It’s about a boy, Prince Perryndon (or just Perryn) who goes to fulfill a prophecy about slaying a dragon. The prophecy states that a true bard, a unicorn, and the sword of Samhain are required. Of course, true bards aren’t that easy to find, unicorns are near impossible to even catch a glimpse of, and the sword of Samhain is either stolen by grave robbers, or very very very well protected. Perryn isn’t mentioned in it at all, but it doesn’t matter to him. He goes to tell his father, who dismisses it as utter rubbish, and sends him off to his room. Thanks to the Mirror of Idris though, Perryn finds out that Cedric, the captain of arms, is actually named Cerdic, and is a Norse. One of the Kingdom of Idris’s enemies who got into their kingdom and has been working as the king’s special adviser for eight years! He finds that Cerdic plans to kill him, making it look like an accident, so that the prophecy won’t be fulfilled and the black dragon that has been plaguing Idris will continue to do so until it crumbles and is captured.

He thinks Perryn is too weak willed to do anything for himself, but he underestimated him. Perryn escapes through his window by tying sheets together, and then dropping to the ground (which must hurt). And then he sets off to find the bard who had been stealing from the cellars a few days ago. After finding Lysander, he has to chop a whole woodpile to get the bard out of prison, where he happened to get himself landed. This skill of wood chopping does prove useful later in his adventure, I won’t tell you how though. Anyway, after a bit, Lysander and Perryn go to the forest of…. whatever it was called, I think it was Wyrn…? Anyway, they went there to catch a unicorn for the prophecy. The unicorn they eventually got was called Prism, who happens to hate getting dirty, is pure white because she hasn’t healed anyone (in other words, done something to help another) yet, and is prone to fainting fits.

All they need now is the sword of Samhain, but how to get it? There aren’t any songs that bards know that tell the location of the tomb that holds the sword, so they must go back to the castle, and steal some things. Luckily, they get in and out without being caught. Now they only need to get the sword and slay the dragon. It should be easy write, because our princely scholar Perryn doesn’t have to do anything more, the bard, the unicorn, and the sword should be able to take care of the dragon on their own. Right?

But there are unexpected twists to this story (like almost all stories), and Perryn ends up killing the dragon, how? I’ll let you find that out yourself, because if I give away all the main points of a story…. well let’s just say that I don’t want to get e-mails from authors who are angry at me for giving away what probably took them quite awhile to write. And I certainly don’t want to do that. Read the book, you’ll enjoy it. 😉

P.S. Prism says that the darker a unicorn becomes, the more they are respected. The ones that are totally black are kind of hard to see, but get the most respect. 😛



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  1. 65boy says:

    this sounds like a great book but for some odd reason some of those names sound familiar.And ou weren’t joking about areviewafter that last one:)

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