George’s Marvelous Medicine

I would love to know where Roald Dahl got the inspiration for George’s Marvelous Medicine. Because it is a marvelous book. If you have a sickness that stops you from laughing, then please read this book, you’ll find a line in these pages that has to make you laugh. There are so many strange things that go into the medicine George makes, shampoo, flea powder, and engine oil to name three. And who is this marvelous medicine for? George’s grandma, who is a nasty old hag that bosses him around when his parents aren’t there. George wanted to give her something to shock her, to shake her… and he did it! First it was as if she was on fire, then she swelled, then she deflated. And then, shockingly, she leapt out of her seat. And even though she told George that people (mostly kids) should grow down instead of up, she starts growing, and is happy with it. Her head breaks through his bedroom floor, then through the attic, then through the roof! And when poor George’s mother comes back from her shopping trip, she sees her mother’s head sticking out of the roof.

George’s father is quite excited though, because to prove to his grandmother that the medicine was his own, George had given some to a chicken, and it had grown to the size of a horse. And it had laid a gigantic egg, I think it was as big as a football, whatever the size was, it would have been enough to make an omlete for fifty people. So after a bit of rushing around, all the farm animals are gigantic. And George’s grandmother sleeps in the barn because she’s too tall to be inside the house.

But there still remains a question, what happened to them after that? How did they get rid of George’s grandma? You’ll have to read and find out for yourself.



About Adaraschia

I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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