Urchin and the Raven War

Urchin and the Raven War by M. I. McAllister. Everything is perfectly great. Right? No, it’s not. Why? Because Lord Arcneck from Swan Isle arrived to ask (in a roundabout way) that the swans needed help against ravens that were attacking their island. Of course, King Crispin (being the fantastic squirrel he is) immediately agreed to help. Meanwhile, Princess Catkin is being bossy, but she doesn’t want to be bossy, she wants to help people. And there’s also a young otter named Corr, who wants to meet Brother Fir, who resides in the Tower (where the royal family lives). Unfortunately, he might not have much time to meet Brother Fir, because the old squirrel priest is dying. Or getting pretty close to it. Anyway, the young hedgehog Myrtle accidentally foretells that King Crispin will be victorious in his battle with the ravens on Swan Isle. She didn’t notice she’d stitched an upright sword into a tower window while working on a Threading until Needle pointed it out to her.

An upright sword, in Threadings Code, means victory. And Myrtle was correct, there was victory, but Crispin was badly hurt. The good thing was that they slew the Archraven, though it was a little unfortunate that it happened on “the princess’s grave” (it was actually Whisper’s grave, she was Crispin’s first wife). Speaking of Crispin, he was badly injured by the dying Archraven, and they needed to use mendingmoss on him, luckily, one of the young Swan Island squirrels knew quite a bit about it, even if she didn’t know that much about Whisper.

Unfortunately, the Taloness and the so called “Silver Prince” survived the attack and went to get more ravens to attack Mistmantle. And Gloss the mole’s brother Grith (Gloss was a traitor, he killed Whisper and tried to kill Crispin) is still living, and he seeks to find ways to destroy Mistmantle. And Gleaner jealously guards the cairn built above the resting place of Lady Aspen (I think that was her name). Surprising things happen, Myrtle predicts weird things, and Urchin wishes he could go to battle, and gets his wish when the ravens come. And who tells them that the ravens came? Corr.

And there is to be a Voyager. But who is it? Who indeed. You’ll have to find out yourself through reading it. It’s a very exciting book, and I had no idea it was out.  I’d only read the first and second Mistmantle Chronicles books. I still have to find the third, and there’s also a fifth! I have to find that for sure. And when I do I will definitely review them for you. 🙂



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