Ibby’s Magic Weekend

Okay okay okay, I finished this a few days ago. Guilty as charged. For some reason I just kept on forgetting to get on the blog and write a review. I’m seriously sorry… really! The book is called Ibby’s Magic Weekend by Heather Dyer. Anyway, Ibby is staying with her aunt and two cousins (Francis and Alex) for awhile. Her parents are going to a conference somewhere. On the first day, Francis seems to have disappeared. The keyword is “seems”. He found a magic box and tried the shrinking trick, unfortunately, he was holding the wand the wrong way around, so he shrunk instead of the object he intended to shrink. Luckily, the trick somehow reversed itself so he was back to normal before Aunt Carole noticed.

The next trick was levitation (oh joy). Alex was bobbing around on the ceiling, he wanted to go out the window, despite Ibby’s warnings. They tied a rope around his waist, unfortunately though… Aunt Carole came to check on them, so Ibby and Frances started passing the rope back and forth and then somehow… they dropped it, and Alex flew out into the sky. Luckily, he managed to use the rope to get himself to the top of a church, so he didn’t fly away to sea (that would have been bad). The poor church people thought that God was speaking to them when Alex was calling for help. Thankfully, they soon realized that wasn’t true.

The disappearing coin trick was next, and Francis was the one who finally got it right. He was turned invisible though, and they lost the now invisible coin, and had no idea how to turn him back. Frances had to stay upstairs instead of coming down to dinner (unfortunately, it was his favorite food), so he ran away instead. He went to ride on the Ferris Wheel and stuff like that. On the second ride though…… the park closed and he was stuck at the top. Not a good place to be. Luckily though, his calling for help attracted attention and he got off. He got back home and got in bed, and when he woke up, he was visible again.

Then came the final trick, the disappearing and reappearing trick. And guess what? They found out that their uncle had disappeared because of that same trick. And guess what else? Frances found that the trunk he’d disappeared in was in the attic! So they tried out the trick, Ibby taking the magician’s hat and cape, and their uncle reappeared! So every story has a happy ending, the only unfortunate thing was that Ibby’s dad accidentally sat on the wand. But at the back of the magic box, there was a flyer to get an advanced magic set, including a flying carpet (uh oh). So maybe there will be a sequel I don’t know, I hope so though, it would certainly be interesting.



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