“Clear as ink”

This has to be one of my favorite parodies of all time. 😛 Check out the link. XD

Clear As Ink

Part of the artist’s comments said “In case you were ever kept up late wondering what a crossover of Sonic, Up and MGS would be like.” I never did, but it’s a very funny mix! XD



About Adaraschia

I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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2 Responses to “Clear as ink”

  1. Miss Kitty In The City says:

    I think I am officially an old timer! I don’t get it! 😦
    I am amazed at all your book review posts! I still think they should be paying you with all the work you put into it. Are your eyeballs red with all the reading you are doing or do you buy vats of eye drops at Costco to avoid this? 🙂

    • LCD says:

      XD You’d have to understand about Metal Gear Solid, Up (which I know you do), and Sonic the Hedgehog. 😛 When you do, it’s quite hilarious. XD And seeing Sonic with stubble all over his face is a very funny picture. 😛 My favorite frame was with Tails on Sonic’s porch. XD

      Edit: Thank you, it would be nice to be payed but I don’t really need to be, I enjoy doing them after all. 🙂 And no they aren’t, I’m not reading constantly. 😛 I still have to do schoolwork and chores and other things, so there are breaks. So I don’t need eye drops. I find them nasty anyway, unless you have grown used to them. XD

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