Night of the Howling Dogs

Hey people! ^_^ I picked this up for no reason other than the cover looked interesting. 😛 I know I know, “never judge a book by it’s cover”, bt seriously, I thought that was supposed to apply to PEOPLE, not books. ^_^ Anyway, I’ll stop being weird, and start actually telling you about the story. 🙂

This story is historical fiction. 😛 Graham Salisbury’s brother is the character Dylan is based on. And Mr. Salisbury’s brother was actually in the earthquake/tsunami event that is described in the book. The people that are mostly mentioned are boys, the only girls in it are the boy’s mothers and Dylan’s sister. Mr. Bellows is the leader, his son Casey is Dylan’s best friend. Dylan wears glasses, so Louie (sheesh, I’m not exactly sure if that’s his name anymore. Darn it. I’ll just call him L from now on. XD) calls him the “four-eyed dork”. The story is based in Hawaii, and they are going camping. So they treck out across hardened lava and finally come to this hidden oasis like place by the ocean. There’s a grove of palm trees, a small island not too far out, some shelters for visiting fishermen, and what Casey calls “the crack”. The crack is an underground (at least, I think it was underground) pool where the water is cool during the morning, and warm during the night. Which is nice.

They are joined by some fishermen who rode there on some horses not too long afterwards, the leader is named Masa. Earlier that morning, Mike, Casey, Dylan, and L had gone out to the island (during this, Dylan discovered that while he could swim, L could only doggy paddle), and encountered a shark with a circular scar on it’s fin. Masa told them the shark was named Fred, and was friendly towards humans. Of course, L is skeptical, so is Mike. And Masa says that they’re the ones who should believe the most, seeing as they’re Hawaiian. I think it was the same night, but there was an earthquake. Casey and Dylan barely managed to escape from the boulders, but Casey’s knee is cut to the bone.

It’s a pretty good book, everyone survives (two of the horses die though, I was upset about that), but in real life, one of the Scouts was buried in the rocks, and one of the fishermen was dragged out to sea and was never seen again. All in all, it’s a very good book, and I liked it. 🙂



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