I’ve remembered certain scenes from this movie for ages (I saw it when I was little), but couldn’t remember the title of the movie. Yesterday I finally went to try and find the title. I asked my parents if they remembered the title, and after a few “wrong turns” you could say (which lead me to find a few other movies they showed me when I was little that I enjoyed), I finally found the title. Legend. The first unicorn movie I found was called “The Lost Unicorn”, but that was animated so I knew that wasn’t it. I had a clear image of the Lord of Darkness in my head, the same went for Lily. The weird thing is, the scene I remembered most was the one where Lily was in black and was about to kill the unicorn. Who knows why that is. Anyway, I should stop rambling and start giving my review before you get bored.

The movie is from 1985, and features Tom Cruise as Jack (the kid in love with Lily who lives in the forest with all the animals and fairies and stuff like that), Mia Sara as Princess Lily (the idiot who went out to the unicorns and touched one when Jack said not to), and Tim Curry as the Lord of Darkness. Of course, there are more actors, you can find a list of them in the Wikipedia article. It starts with the Lord of Darkness sending his minion Blix to seek out the unicorns in the forest nearby and kill them. We then switch to Princess Lily, in her lovely white gown, going to visit Nell. Before going inside, she quickly takes one of the clothespins off of a sheet, so it falls. Nell didn’t see her, so she assumes it was the “blasted fairies”. When Nell comes inside, she and Lily talk for awhile, and Lily says she can’t really stay for a visit, because she has something to do.

After saying her good byes to Nell, she goes into the forest and starts calling for Jack.  Blix and two other goblins (Pox and Blunder) follow her, and Blix says something along the lines of “beautiful and innocent, but not as sweet as rotten meat”, the only part I know is correct is the rotten meat part. Disgusting, but in this movie, goblins are evil and horrible and gross (they look seriously slimy), so what else can you expect? Jack finally appears, dropping down to the ground behind Lily, startling her. They kiss and then they play with some birds I think. Something to do with holding small birds and either whistling or blowing on them. Then Jack shows Lily the special something he’s been promising to show her forever. Unicorns. Innocence is the only sure bait for a unicorn, which is why Blix was following Lily. They watch the unicorns for a bit, then Lily stands and goes out towards them, either ignoring or not hearing Jack saying “No! Lily!” Then she touched one. That in itself is a sin, but the fact that she gave Blix enough time to shoot a poison dart at the stallion, even though it wasn’t intentional, is worse. A chase followed that, with the goblins following the stallion. Blix finally snapped the alicorn off of the stalions head. This crime is even worse.

While that was happening, Jack and Lily kissed again, and she pulled off her ring, saying “don’t you wish this was our wedding ring?” Then she said that she had the right to challenge her suitors, and said that whoever could find her ring could marry her. She then tossed it off a cliff into the water. Jack immediately dove after it, with her screaming after him. I honestly don’t know why she was screaming, it was quite obvious that he could swim after all. And while this happens, the world freezes. Lily runs off to Nell’s, and Jack surfaces, without having the ring, and breaks through a layer of ice. Lily arrives at Nell’s and finds her frozen. Then she has to hide, for Blix has arrived with her two goblin assistants, and then Lily finds out that mortal time has frozen, and through their continuing conversation, discovers that it’s her fault the unicorn was killed. She promises to make things right.

Meanwhile, Jack is found by Honeythorn Gump, Screwball, Brown Tom, and Oona. They tell him that he knows the forest as well as any elf, and they ask him what has happened. Jack then says he took Lily to see the unicorns. “YOU DID WHAT?!” was Gump’s reaction. Jack continues and says she touched the stallion. “A MORTAL TOUCHED A UNICORN?!” They ask him what in the world he was thinking. He said he did it for love, and that they intended no harm. Then, Gump seems to calm down and they all drink something, then they go to find the unicorn. They find it, dead and lightly covered in snow. The mare comes and Jack says he’s sorry, and finds out that if they bring the alicorn back everything will be fixed. They go to find Lily and the alicorn, leaving Brown Tom to guard the mare.

Lily eventually finds her way there and warns Brown Tom that the goblins are coming and that it isn’t safe there, but too late. The goblins arrive and while Brown Tom is fending them off, Lily and the unicorn run. But Brown Tom eventually gets shot in the head (this doesn’t kill him just so you know) and the girl and the unicorn are captured. Gump and the others arrive (Oona having shown Tom that she can change so she’s human sized, and Tom has got a sword and some armor. Not too much though), Brown Tom tells them about what happened, and they go to save Lily and the unicorn. Meanwhile, Lily is freaked out and is in the dungeon with the unicorn, and the Lord of Darkness watches her.

It turns out that he is interested in her, and wants her. His “father” tells him to charm her, “woo her”, etc. So when she finally finds her way there (with Oona following at a distance), she stands in front of the fire for awhile. While this was going on, Jack and the others arrived at the Lord of Darkness’s lair and fell into a trap. They met one of Blix’s companions (who had got in trouble with the Lord of Darkness) and found out that they’re going to be barbeque. This brought a funny moment (to me) where Screwball says “barbeque?” as if he wants to have some. Anyway, they hide and the “goblin” (who turns out to be either an elf or dwarf or something) is taken by one of the jailers or whatever they are. Oona retrieves the keys and they get out.

When Jack and the others discover where Lily is (thanks to Oona), Jack wants to help Lily, but Gump tells him that they can’t at the moment. Then the Lord of Darkness unknowingly tells them how to beat him, saying “sunlight is my destroyer!” So then Jack and the others go to find some mirror-like things to put up to send sunlight down into the Lord’s lair. It’s very exciting. My favorite character had to be Gump, even though he looks like a kid who has an adult’s voice (he’s either an elf or fairy or something). But Screwball was quite funny too. According to someone, this is one of the “bad movies of the eighties”, because it was supposed to be a kid’s movie (also according to them) but had quite a bit of scary stuff that would have given kid’s nightmares. I wonder just how normal I am when I think of the fact that I never had nightmares from that movie.

I am such a weirdo, movies like Fantastic Planet (with it’s scary blue aliens and ant-eater like animals that eat tiny humans instead) and Legend don’t really scare me. There are scary moments sure, but I don’t really get nightmares about them. Most of the time. If you don’t like scary parts in a movie, I recommend having someone who doesn’t mind them with you when you watch it, then when you close your eyes and cover your ears (or run out of the room), they can call you back when the scary part is over. Other than that, all I have to say is that I love this movie and there was awesome acting in it. Oh, and I watched it on YouTube, so you CAN find it there. 😉



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