Emperor Mage

Emperor Ozorne has been bothering Tortall for two years (having immortals released from the Divine Realms, encouraging rebellion in Dunlath…), and now they are going to try a peace treaty with him. And Daine is part of the group that was chosen to go, seeing as Emperor Ozorne’s precious birds are sick. The badger visits Daine when they are nearly at Carthak, asking her what she’s doing there. And he seems angry. Daine tells him and he tells her she’s got to go back. When she tells him it’s impossible, he keeps on insisting she must, then he suddenly snaps at thin air. After a bit, he relaxes and says “As you wish”, then blows into Daine’s face, a faint silver mist wraps around her and is absorbed into her. When she could see again, he was gone.

Of course, this isn’t the best thing that could have happened. Whenever the badger tells her something new about her wild magic, or gives her a gift, havoc reigns until Daine masters it. They land, and meet Prince Cadar, Ozorne’s heir (the previous one disappeared under “mysterious” circumstances). He was very interested in Kitten, and asked plenty of questions about her until one of his servants reminded him that the other nobles hadn’t been introduced to the Tortallans yet. On the way to the palace, Daine saw a tiny monkey fall into the Zekoy river and she dove in, despite the threat of crocodiles (which she had been talking to). She rescued the monkey and named him Zeke.

Emperor Ozorne was voiced well in the audiobook, he sounds nice (like he’s supposed to, even though he’s an unpredictable, murderous, cheating guy), and when he actually does something bad, you feel veeeeeeerrrry angry with him. 🙂 I should  know, I was fuming. XD Anyway, the silver mist was the power to raise the dead temporarily. This power was given to her by the badger on the command of Carthak’s patron goddess… the Graveyard Hag. Rikash Moonsword appeared as well, along with the king of his flock. However… there’s something Rikash doesn’t know about his new king and Ozorne, their deal, which brought about the stormwings helping the Carthaki army. When they went to see the royal menagarie, they saw a wing that Ozorne had set up (the Immortals wing). There was a griffin, there were centaurs (peaceful and killer ones), ogres, hurrocks (winged horses with fangs and clawed feet instead of hooves), winged horses, and others. Including two stormwings. When Daine told Rikash their names, he flew away. The next time she saw him, he was talking furiously to the Graveyard Hag.

Later, Daine found out that the two stormwings in the menagarie were the previous queen of Rikash’s flock and her consort. While all this went on, Daine met Numair’s old master Lindhall Reed, revived a small skeleton which Lindhall decided to call Bonedancer, and found that Cadar wasn’t a bad person at all. And she healed Ozorne’s birds twice before finding out what had made them sick. It was lead they’d been having, I’ll let you read to find out what they got the lead from. Anyway, Ozorne then asks her to have breakfast with him, she can’t refuse, so she does. He gives her dreamflower or something like that, so she falls asleep as he tells her that he plans to tell the others that she has run away and is trying to get the slaves to rebel against him, and he’s going to keep her and Kitten there so that Daine can work with his birds, and so that he can still have his Tortallan war.

She passes out, sees the capture of Kitten through Zeke’s eyes, and then sees her fellow Tortallans trying to figure out what to do, with Numair deciding to stay behind to search for her. When she wakes up, she’s in a cell, luckily, Zeke and Chirp (one of the cheetahs that some of the slave entertainers have) free her, because Zeke brought the keys (early on, Daine had found out that Zeke’s mate and little ones had been caught and put in a cage, and later, he found out about keys and solemnly told her that keys were magic). Then she talks to Prince Cadar and finds out a horrible thing….. Numair was found and executed. Daine loses her temper (an understatement, but it was the title of the chapter. XD)

It’s an awesome book, you should read it. It’s really exciting, and did I mention that Daine meets hyenas? Yup, ’tis definitely cool. 😀 My favorite character in this was Zeke, but Daine was a good character too (I kept on going “you go girl!” in the events that went on during the time she lost her temper). And so was Lindhall Reed, and Prince Cadar. 😛


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