Howl’s Moving Castle

There is probably going to be another post with this same title. But the other one will be different. Trust me, this one is a review for a movie, the other is a review for a book. Please note before you continue, if you feel like you might become a devoted fan of this movie, check out this blog’s post about it, because I seriously don’t feel like changing my ways and adding resources to my posts. Honestly. Link. And please note that I only put “Link” for the link, because I couldn’t think of anything else to put, my creativity is currently being channeled into eating some chips. It’s very hard work. 😉 And in case it is of any interest to you, I finally named my mouse. Freddy. You know, the computer mouse?

But to get to the review! 😀 Howl (insert link to interesting picture here), is a wizard who supposedly eats the hearts of pretty girls. By her own standards, Sophie is not a pretty girl (I somehow think she is supposed to think otherwise but…. who knows? Maybe that would have ruined the story). She works in a hat shop (probably for the obviousness, the shop is named Hatters, or something like that) that her father owned before he died. After the other girls leave, Sophie goes to check on her sister Lottie, who works at a bakery (Lottie is supposedly the pretty one. I think she wears too much makeup). On her way, two soldiers invite her to tea, and she tells them to leave her alone, before they start insisting, a mysterious man shows up. “Hey! We’re busy!”
“Were you? I thought you were just leaving.” With a wave of his hand and some magical voodoo, the soldiers go “hut!” stand up straight and to attention, he waves his hand “hut!”, they turn to the side, and “hut!” they go marching off the way Sophie came. The man tells her not to hold it against them, and that they really are good fellows. Then he asks her where she’s headed, telling her he’ll be her escort. Even though she tells him she’s just going to the bakery, he takes her anyway, telling her to not be alarmed, he’s being followed.

Weird back blob men start coming out of the walls behind them and chasing them (would someone explain to me why they wore what looked, to me, like straw hats?), they go on a detour down another way. Blob men start coming out of the walls in front of them, Howl tells her to hold on, wraps an arm around her waist, runs, then……. HE LEAPS! HE SCORES! Oh no wait, sorry, wrong thing. 😉 (I honestly don’t know why I’m being so crazy in this review). He DID leap, but he flew straight up while the blob men crashed into each other instead of scoring something. Then they proceeded to walk through the air to the bakery, where Howl set her down at the balcony, he told her to wait there for a couple of minutes so the coast would be clear before she left. Then he jumped off the rail and plunged down. When Sophie ran to the rail and looked down, he wasn’t there.

Lottie (and now I find myself confused, thinking that her name might actually have been Lettie) came up seconds later to check on Sophie, having been told her sister just floated to the balcony. Then they went to the back of the bakery and talked for a bit. Lottie informed Sophie that she was lucky, and that the wizard could have been Howl. If it had been, he would have eaten her heart! (Le gasp!) But Sophie says he only does that to beauties. Lottie rolls her eyes (I think she did), and then starts saying that the Witch of the Waste is rumored to be on the prowl again. Guess who the blob men belong to? The witch herself! (Le gasp again!) And that night, when Sophie goes back to the shop, even though the door is locked, a rather fat lady comes in (come on, it looked like she had a couple of necks) and looks around saying that it’s a tacky hat shop. But in her opinion, Sophie is the tackiest thing there.

When Sophie tries to get her to leave, the lady reveals that she is the Witch of the Wastes, and puts a curse on Sophie, making her an old woman. The curse also prevents her from talking about it. The next day, she leaves the shop and starts going towards the wastes. On the way, she meets a scarecrow who has a turnip for a head. Guess how she greets him? “Your head is a turnip. I’ve always hated turnips, ever since I was little.” -.- That… doesn’t seem to be how you’re supposed to greet scarecrows, but that’s just my opinion. Anyway, the scarecrow comes to her later on and gives her a cane, and when she asks if he could run along and find her a place to stay, he hops away and she goes “I seem to be quite cunning in my old age”.

Guess what? The scarecrow DIDN’T leave like she thought. Nooooo…… that would have been too easy. She brought Howl’s castle to her! In case you are confused, here is a picture of it. It’s a thing someone made with paper mache, clay, or SOMETHING else…. but it’s still the castle. 😛

Pretty cool eh? It’s a really good thing too! 😀 That’s why I decided to include it in the post. Anyway, Sophie goes into the castle and meets…….. CALCIFER!!!!!!! The mighty, scary fire demon who……. is tiny and runs the castle and tells Sophie she should feel sorry for him. And later, when she lifted the last bit of wood from the fire (“I’m going out!”), he was lifted up ’cause he was clinging to it, and guess what? He looks so cute and adorable and…. fat and squishy! 😀 Makes me want to hug him. Of course, if he was real, and I wouldn’t get burned by doing so, I would do it. But he isn’t real, and I would get burned, so I can’t. I’d only be able to shamelessly flatter him. 😛 Joking. From then on, Sophie is the cleaning lady (and a very fierce cleaning lady she is too!) She brings about quite a few changes and makes life better for them at the castle overall.

And she changes Howl too. When she first met him, he was blonde, and he’s always looking “beautiful”. When she cleaned up his bathroom (it was a hideous mess), she apparently ruined some of his potions. This caused his hair to go orange first, then back to it’s original colour, black. It was quite funny to see him freaking out. And then when he threw his little temper tantrum and oozed green slime over everything, Calcifer and Markl (or Marko… or Marco…… or….. or…… WHATEVER!) freaked out while Sophie remained calm. And then later, she went to pretend to be his mother so that he wouldn’t have to go to the castle and talk to Madame Suliman himself. He’s a coward if you haven’t guessed already.

It’s a pretty good movie though, and the animation is awesome. My favorite character is of course Calcifer, but Howl and Sophie are also good characters. Howl mainly because he’s hilarious when he’s freaking out. And Sophie is funny when she’s angry. It’s a complete turn around of “you won’t like me when I’m angry” from the Hulk! It’s “you won’t think I’m sane when I’m angry” or something like that. ‘Cause she was INsane when she was cleaning the first day. You should have heard some of the things she said. And a note: I watched it (most recently) in the English dub. It’s a lot better (in my opinion) in Japanese with whatever subtitles you choose to use.

Watch it people, you’ll love it. 😉



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