Shakespeare’s Secret

“OH my gawd” I love this book! 😀 I’ve heard it twice on audiobook, but this time I read the book instead. The problem with that is that I couldn’t get the voices that were used for the characters in the audiobook out of my head. 😛 Anyway….. before we start, I think that I should mention that the necklace in the book doesn’t exist. Just thought you might want to know. Anyway, the main character of the story is a girl called Hero Netherfield. Her sister is named Beatrice. They are bothed named after Shakespeare characters from the play “Much Ado About Nothing” (which Hero says is the story of her life). It’s sort of historical fiction in a way, ’cause it is based on some facts about Shakespeare (emphasis on some). So. They’ve just moved again, and Beatrice and Hero are discussing tomorrow, which is the first day of school for them. After a bit, her mother comes and asks her to return the hedgeclippers to their new neighbor, Mrs. Roth. Hero protests for awhile but her mom leaves the clippers there for her to take, so she has to.

Once Hero dropped them off, she tried to get back home but Mrs. Roth came out and started a conversation with her. Mrs. Roth became Hero’s friends after the next few days, talking about school with her and understanding her being made fun of (one of the girls spoke up without thinking, saying that her dog was named Hero, on the first day). And they talked about another thing which had Hero very interested. The “Murphy Diamond”. A little something the previous owners of the house might have stolen from themselves then hidden so that they would get insurance money. But to be more specific, Arthur Murphy did that, and only so he could pay for a surgery which might save his wife’s life. It didn’t. I felt sorry for him the first time I heard it, and I feel sorry for him still. Anyway…

Hero meets a boy called Danny Cordova on the second day, and Beatrice informs her that “he is like, the hottest boy in the eighth grade!” Hero finds him annoying, but doesn’t tell Beatrice this. After awhile, Danny finds out that she is looking for the diamond, and offers to help her. They continue to meet at Mrs. Roth’s and have cinnamon toast, and after some of the girls from school saw her cycling with Danny, they made fun of her for that, suggesting that they were girlfriend and boyfriend (even though Hero was relatively sure that a few of them had crushes on Danny). Danny didn’t care what they thought of him, but when Hero found out, via a younger boy who had become her friend on the first day, that her name was written in the boy’s bathroom (he only knew it was her name because he’d seen it on her locker as well) a lot of times. Danny told her that it wasn’t good stuff. And he offered to get some black paint and cover it up.

Hero told him not to, but the next day she found out he had, and the Principle had found out about the writing and subjected the whole school to lectures on harrassment, first in their classrooms from the teachers, then in the gym later. I almost felt sorry for them. But it did stop the harrassments, so that’s a good thing. And Danny did it for Hero, not himself, so she considered him more of a friend then. The story goes quickly (I’m glad in this case, it allowed me to find out where they were going with their Shakespeare related theories faster), so I can’t make this post around a thousand words long or something. Oh well. But do check this out, because it is a really great book, and it’s one that I want in my bookshelf. *mutters darkly about plans to get it there*

Oh yes, there’s another booko I’ll be checking out by Elise Broach soon, it’s called Masterpiece, and it looks pretty good. 🙂



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