Some funny fanfictions

For those of you who know about the Sonic the Hedgehog characters or daydream about different things that could happen to the characters (like me), then you might enjoy some of the fanfictions that StarVix has. They’re hilarious, I laugh myself silly for each of them. 😛 Of course, she’s got more than just Sonic the Hedgehog but those are the only ones I read. The Fighting Weevils is the most recent one I’ve read, other than Guardian of the Master Rock. ^_^ Seriously, if you’re a Sonic fan, read them. 😉 Oh, I’d better give them some sort of order……. lemesee now…… I think the first one would be Across the Street, but it might not be. 😉 Please note that I’m only mentioning the ones that involve the main characters being toddlerized. ^_^ And only the ones that I know the order for.

Three Babies and a Shadow

Babysitting Blues

Metal Nanny

Metal, We Toddlerized Ourselves

Guardian of the Master Rock (this one takes place at a point in Metal, We Toddlerized Ourselves)

The Fighting Weevils (I think it goes here….)

Once you’ve read those I think you’ll be able to guess the order of the other Sonic stories. 😛 At the point of this post being… posted, Guardian of the Master Rock and The Fighting Weevils aren’t done yet. Which I think is a shame. Read StarVix’s stories, seriously, she’s awesome! 😀 (Note: You absolutely MUST check out “Chao of the World Unite!” at some point!) I am a devoted fan of her Sonic stories. 😉 The characters are mostly in character, and there aren’t too many OCs (which isn’t always a bad thing….)

If, like me, you have read some (if not all) of these, please post comments telling me your opinions on the Sonic stories. 😉

P.S. I didn’t give the links to the stories because they aren’t that hard to find on her profile.



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