Star stones

Okay it’s not a book review, and it’s not a music post, so I guess we must file this under either “randomness” or “interests”. However temporary that “interest” may be. 😛 I was reading a fan fiction (no surprise there), and the story had Rouge the Bat talking to a psychologist. She said “Asteria” at one point, and I was curious to find out what that was, so I looked it up on the all-knowing Wikipedia. XD This is the page if you wanted to check it out. After reading about it there, I looked up a couple of images and noticed a website called ““, so I entered that into the URL bar and went there. It’s pretty cool, they’ve got information on all sorts of “star stones”, and they’ve got a shop where you can get various types of star stones. I looked through everything in the shop, and through all their information pages that are currently up. 😛 I swear, if I had had a couple thousand dollars at the time I started browsing that shop of theirs, I’d have wasted it all on various stones. XD Seriously. And take a look at these two pictures of the “Star of Bombay”, they look like potential book cover material to me.

That’s the first pic of it, here’s the second.

That is what I call pretty darn cool! To me it looks like there’s a person in there, so that would imply some sort of universe saving book….. star stones are interesting, just looking at them started giving me many dangerous story ideas. If you can call story ideas dangerous that is. Before I start going on in some strange fashion, I think I should shush up and end this post, otherwise it will be waaaaaaaaay too long. And even though I like writing long book/movie reviews or relatively long music posts, I think writing long posts is a little weird…… don’t ask why, ’cause I don’t know the answer either.



About Adaraschia

I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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2 Responses to Star stones

  1. MissKittyInTheCity says:

    I was not picturing something as beautiful as the photos when you first told me about them. They sounded so interesting but I can see why you were mentioning them once I saw the photos! I had never heard of them before and it makes we want to know more. Yet another thing you have taught me. “Thank you Master!” 🙂

    • LCD says:

      LOL! XD I’m no “master”. 😛 I’m just someone who happened to see the pictures and think they were interesting enough to post about. XD

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