… weirdest thing ever

Okay so… I was surfing on YouTube, looking up fan-made Shadow the Hedgehog videos, because they might put fan-art in them. And guess what I found? A video called “M-Flo’s “Tripod Baby” Shadow the Hedgehog Music Video + Download”. It was the Shadow part of the title that made me check it out. Now, before I continue, I warn you, I start ranting here. Now that the warning is delivered, let’s cary on! ^_^

This video is NUTS. ‘Cause first off, why Shadow would be interested in Japanese hip hop I do not know. Second, why in the world would he dance to it?! They gave the two badly animated humans some better dance moves than him, even though all they really did was move one leg out, one arm up, other leg out, other arm up, repeat. ¬¬ You know that scene in the game trailer for Shadow the Hedgehog? The one where he is standing over Sonic who’s passed out (YES!), the one where he flies towards the screen? Well guess what? They took that scene, but they had him surrounded with blue energy instead, and he looked so SLOW at one point…… and he kept on flying forward with one hand out in front of him (it looked like he was trying to imitate that super hero guy who’s got the aversion to kryptonite), when they could have taken another thing from the game and had him just flying forward, like he does when you have him use chaos control once you’ve collected enough chaos energy from doing good deeds.

And then to make it even WORSE……. at the end of the video, when they cleaaaaaaarly show his eyes, they’re almost GOLDEN (I’m not sure if it’s that way through the entire video, I didn’t check). It’s terrible! And guess what dear reader? It turns out the video was quite popular, and lots of people like it. “Shadow the hedgehog baby, baby, baby” does not sound like something that I would enjoy hearing in a song that involves Shadow. ¬¬ The song “Frenetic Amnesic” by CKY is great, but compared to “Tripod Baby”, it is like the best song in the universe! If I had to choose between the two (as in, I could only hear one for the rest of eternity), I would choose “Frenetic Amnesic”. Seriously.

Rant is over! Now, if you read that, then you may now watch this (in my opinion) apalling video. If you DIDN’T read my rant, now you know that I don’t like the video. Now, finally, here’s the link (if you suffer it isn’t my fault).



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