Fablehaven (Book One)

Kendra and Seth thought that their time spent at their remaining Grandparent’s house was going to be boring. It turns out to be just the opposite. When Kendra leaves out her mirror when she and Seth go swimming in the pool, humming birds, bees, and butterflies crowd around it and flip it over when it’s turned face down. When Seth broke one of the rules and went into the forest (it is supposedly tick season), he met a strange woman gnawing on knots in a rope. She freaked him out, and he came back terrified. And it takes a lot to terrify Seth. Grandpa Sorrenson had given them a set of keys and told them to find what doors they opened in the attic, where they were living.

While Seth explored, it was Kendra who searched. She found little rosebud chocolates and more keys, and she found a book called the Journal of Secrets. During her searches she found the three keys required to open the clasp on it. The pages all appeared to be blank though, but at the back there was something that she could read: Drink the milk. This puzzled her, it didn’t make sense, unless the statement meant that she should try to drink the milk that Dale set out for the “insects and birds”. Knowing that there was no way of telling if it was okay or not, she had her brother Seth try it out first.

His reaction had Kendra trying some of the milk. The instant she did, the humming birds and the insects were revealed as fairies. The woods didn’t hold ticks, or dangerous predators (well…. technically they do, but not the ones we know), they held magical creatures. It was one of the hidden five reserves for those sorts of beings. There were countless other reserves, but the five hidden ones each hold an artifact that, when used together, can be used to open the demon prison Zzyzx. Nothing in their world would be able to trap the demons again, because they are too powerful. On Midsummer night, the night that the creatures of Fablehaven (all of them) can get into the yard (but not the house), they are supposed to stay in bed and not open the window, no matter what.

Unfortunately, Seth not only looks out the window, but opens it. Later, Kendra tries to comfort him by saying that she would have opened the window if he hadn’t. Demons got in, and the chicken who shared the attic with them almost got killed, but Seth rescued her. Dale came with a gun to help the children and draw the demons away. The next morning, all was silent. The house was trashed, and outside on the lawn, Dale had been turned into a statue. Hugo the golem, who did most of the work around Fablehaven, wasn’t there for some reason. And Kendra and Seth discovered where there grandmother was. She’d been with them all along. She was the chicken. She’d been transformed by a jinn in the dungeon bellow the house.

Anyway, Lena the housekeeper (who used to be a niad) and Grandpa Sorenson were kidnapped. Kendra and Seth did the only thing they could to get their grandmother changed back. They went and undid the last knot on Muriel the witch’s rope. There had been two, but one had been undone by Grandpa Sorenson so that Seth could be changed from a walrus back to his normal state. He was turned into a walrus by the fairies because he caught one and kept her inside. Unfortunately, he didn’t know that this would turn her into an imp. Anyway, Muriel, being freed, went. This was so she could free the demon Bathumat I think his name was. They went to Nero the troll to find out where Grandpa Sorrenson was.

In exchange for him looking into his seeing stone, they gave him a massage for ninety minutes, something he’d never had before. They were in the Forgotten Chapel. After going back to the house and getting some gear, as well as getting Hugo, they set off toward the Forgotten Chapel to rescue Lena and Grandpa Sorrenson, and to stop Muriel from freeing the demon. Despite their best efforts, they failed, and only Kendra escaped. She went to the island of the Fairy Queen (the last person who’d gone there was turned to dandelion seeds) to ask for help. Surprisingly enough, she wasn’t killed. She asked the queen for help and started crying around the end, her tears falling into a silver bowl. Suddenly, the statue standing over the bowl started shedding tears too, and the Fairy Queen told her how to make a mixture that she was to give to her handmaidens so they could help her.

Viola the giant cow’s milk, the Fairy Queen’s tears, and some of Kendra and Viola’s blood (Kendra wasn’t sure if only her blood was required or not) went into the mixture. Then she offered it to the fairies. She had to try it herself before they would. And guess what? She learned later that she might have died after trying it. Some of the fairies grew in size, and they took her to the Forgotten Chapel to stop the demon. I won’t say the outcome. 😉 But the book is really good and exciting! I just love the way it goes. 🙂 It’s an excellent read and something that I want in my bookshelf. XD



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  1. planejane says:

    Have you read any of the other ones? Was this another one borrowed from a friend or the library? I saw a box set on sale for a great price but would you still want it after you are reading them? I have a few and those are keepers but other books I have borrowed I don’t think I would read that many times to make it worth it. Are these keepers?

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