What I’m listening to numbah… 15? (It’s been explained)

Hey people! 😀 Today I’ve listed a few that I’m relatively sure I’ve done before, and the others haven’t been listed I don’t think. ^_^

Nelly Furtado

  • S*** On the Radio
  • Explode

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

  • Mean Son of a Gun

Ben Kweller

  • Penny On the Train Track

April Verch

  • Sneaky
  • Lost Boy

Lady Sovereign

  • So Human

Midnight Oil

  • Back On The Borderline

The B-52’s

  • Deadbeat Club
  • Roam
  • Hallucinating Pluto


  • Cosmic Castaway

Diablo Swing Orchestra

  • Zodiac Virtues

Gwen Stefani

  • Cool

Juno Reactor

  • Pistolero


  • Fading Like a Flower

Kelly Clarkson

  • Walk Away


  • Would I Lie To You?
  • Love Is A Stranger

Javier Baron

  • Bloque de Cante

Lady Gaga

  • Just Dance (Robots to Mars Mix)

Suicidal Tendencies

  • You Can’t Bring Me Down

The Pretenders

  • Never Do That
  • Every Mother’s Son
  • My City Was Gone

Sneaker Pimps

  • Walking Zero
  • Roll On


  • Kauan Kulkenut


  • I Drömmarnas Land

Harry & The Potters

  • The Foil (Malfoy)


  • Carry On Up The Morning


  • Breath Me
  • Pictures


  • Botanical Dimensions

Green Day

  • Extraordinary Girl

Rick Astley

  • I’ll Be Fine


  • 123

Kanye West

  • Stronger

Adam Lamber

  • For Your Entertainment


  • Telephone

STORY TIME! Sorta. Nelly Furtado….. memories. ^_^ The first music video I saw was one of hers, “I’m Like A Bird”. XD I even got the outfit she wore in that video. 😛 Kitty, Daisy & Lewis are a discovery my sister (the person who runs Ambrosia Tea Party) made. Ben Kweller was introduced to me by my aunt, I’ve mentioned how I found April Verch before, and once again thank you to my aunt for Lady Sovereign.

Midnight Oil, as I’ve said before, is thanks to my Mom, so are The B-52’s. Electrasy was thanks to Radio Redux. Diablo Swing Orchestra has been explained. So was Gwen Stefani. Juno Reactor is a discovery I can thank my Dad for. 😛 Roxette is thanks to the Recommended for You thing on YouTube. Kelly Clarkson is thanks to a friend of mine. 🙂 Eurythmics has also been explained (I’m saying that waaaaay too much aren’t I?) Javier Baron is thanks to the time when I had a bit of Flamenco class….. *stares dreamily into the distance* Lady Gaga is thanks to my Dad, so is Suicidal Tendencies. The Pretenders are thanks to my Mom, Sneaker Pimps are thanks to my Dad, same with Värttinä. Caramell…. I forget how I found them. My discovery of Harry and the Potters is thanks to the library. Babyshambles and Sia are thanks to my aunt. Shpongle is thanks to my Dad, Green Day has been explained. Rick Astley is thanks to KenKaniff and the Rick Roll. 😛 Ch!pz is thanks to a friend. And the other three have been explained. 😛 I said that a little bit too much in this post. Ah well… maybe I should refrain from posting until I have listened to new music, or until I’ve listened to something that hasn’t been listed. XD



About Adaraschia

I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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