Fablehaven (Book Two): Rise of the Evening Star

Once again Seth and Kendra go to Fablehaven. For different reasons though. During the last few days of school, a man called Errol approached them, and seemed to be the answer to the problem they were having with a “goblin” who had appeared in the school. Only Kendra knew he was a goblin, Seth did too thanks to her, but he couldn’t see him as a goblin. Having been fairystruck, Kendra didn’t need to drink Viola the cow’s milk, or have walrus butter. Errol then asks them for help in retrieving something, a statue of Olloch the glutton, which is apparently in the cellar of a viviblix’s house. Vampires are nonexistent, their supposed existence is based on viviblix’s. Who belong to the “blix” family obviously.

Errol approaches them the next day at school to ask them to help him retrieve an amulet that is very powerful and shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. He was going to pick them up that night, but a call from Grandpa Sorrenson changed everything. Or almost everything. Errol turned out to be an agent of the society of the Evening Star. A lady called Vanessa comes to pick them up, of course, they know that they can trust her because Grandpa Sorrenson told them she was coming. Vanessa has a custom made sports car that looks very cool. Kendra gets to sit in the front, even though Seth called “shotgun”, because she’s older or something like that.

They are followed by Errol, and attacked by him, and a few other people. The ambush involved a creature that was made mostly of straw, and was supposedly a less potent version of a golem. They had to ram through it in the end, because the cars blocked the other end of the road. Vanessa’s car took a beating, but she said she could get it fixed easilly. The rest of the trip was unneventful. Did I mention that Grandpa Sorrenson “fell off the roof”? Well if I didn’t, then now I have. Anyway, that was just an excuse for his injuries, seeing as Kendra and Seth’s parents just can’t see the creatures at Fablehaven. An imp that hadn’t been around when they were being changed back to fairies was to thank for Grandpa Sorrenson’s injuries. They got him out of work though, which made him happy.

The next day they were told that Sesth’s life was in danger. When they retrieved the statue of Olloch the Glutton, Seth had to feed it a dog biscuit so it could be moved. The first thing it did was bite Seth, before going still. Olloch would go around feeding and getting bigger and stronger, but eventually, he would eat Seth. Unless he could be stopped of course. The society of the Evening Star is after them, they don’t know why though. At least for Seth they don’t. Somehow, they know Kendra is fairystruck. They go to meet the Sphinx later, and Kendra plays foosball with him. She beats him (the Sphinx tells Seth that he let her win to boost her confidence), and then he gives her a drink and they talk. They discover that she has the ability to recharge magical items. She already knows she can see in the dark and understand (and speak) fairy languages. Which includes the one that goblins and imps use.

There are three people at Fablehaven with them, Tanu (a potions master), Coulter, a friend of Grandpa Sorrenson’s, and Vanessa. All three are there to find the magical artifact that Fablehaven guards. One of the five that will unlock the demon prison Zzyzx. Vanessa is a treasure hunter and specializes in animals, I forget what Coulter specializes in. But he has a magical glove that can make him invisible if he stays still. And he has a little cocoon that, if he puts it in his mouth and bites it, will encase him and give him a constant supply of oxygen. Which means that it will help him survive in almost any case. Each of the three guests are going to teach the kids something. One day, a couple of Vanessa’s creatures escape. Normally they’re poisonous, but thanks to her experiments, they don’t have poison anymore. She warns them that the creatures might bite them, and shows a couple of bites she has.

I think I’ll skip ahead a bit now. Someone writes Olloch the Glutton’s name, and the name of one other person, into the register, allowing the two people to enter Fablehaven. Even though Grandpa and Grandma Sorrenson erase this, doing so will not send the two out. If they leave, it will keep them out the next time they try to enter, but this is obviously not something they have in mind. Also, Kendra and Seth meet Dale’s brother Warren. He looks albino, but that wasn’t what he was like before. Another thing is that Warren can’t seem to do anything for himself. Once you start him on something he’ll continue until he’s stopped or gets tired, which means that you can’t leave him unsupervised.

At one point, Coulter wakes up Seth so that they can go and try to retrieve the artifact before it’s too late. He tells Seth that he’s the only one who can go with him, because it would seem suspicious otherwise. Seth agrees and they set off. They never even reach the place where the artifact is stored. The revenant stops them. Suddenly though, at one point, Coulter tries to speak to Seth (the fear that the revenant is filling them with makes this kinda hard) but can’t, so he thrusts something at Seth (or did he thrust it into his mouth? I can’t remember) and soon Seth is enveloped in the cocoon. Somehow, it lessens the fear slightly, but not too much. Then Coulter starts screaming. It was suddenly cut off and Seth had no idea what to do. Then…. then he was swallowed. By Olloch the Glutton. (Insert dramatic music here! DUN DUN DUN DUN!!!! *drumroll)

Tanua and Vanessa came back with the now albino Coulter, and with the news that Seth must have been eaten by Olloch, and must be dead because of that. They were all devastated, but Kendra felt the worst. Seth annoyed her, but he was her brother, and she loved him. Grandpa Sorrenson couldn’t reach the Sphinx, so they assumed he was on the move again so that his enemies couldn’t locate him. Then, Grandpa Sorrenson set up a trap for whoever the traitor among them was. Imagine their shock when Dale fell into it. The strange thing was, he said that one moment he was asleep, the next he was there. Grandma Sorrenson added this up with the other goings on and realized the truth.

Do you remember when I mentioned the “blix” family? Well one of the types is narcoblix. They bite someone and when that person is asleep, they can control them. Guess what? Vanessa is the narcoblix! Woohoo…… ¬¬ Kendra manages to escape and stays at Warren’s for a bit. She contemplates going to see the fairy queen, but she gets a feeling that it’s not a good idea. After a bit she goes to visit the nixies and ask Lena for help. She stays out of grabbing range, and talks to Lena. Mendigo the limberjack reappears now, he catches Kendra and takes her to the chapel and starts to dig down through the dirt covering it. Kendra guesses that he’s completing his last order from Muriel. Of course, there’s no point seeing as she’s trapped with the demon and there’s no way Mendigo could free them.

After a bit of talking with a fairy, Kendra has to wait. Finally, all the fairies on guard come and change Mendigo so that he will obey her orders. So she has him take her to Warren’s house so she can plan her next move. Meanwhile, Seth “goes out the other end” of Olloch you could say, and the glutton becomes a statue again. Luckily, he’s got a bag of Tanu’s potions, which includes ones that will shrink them. So Kendra and Seth go to the two satyr’s (Newel and Dorren) and discover the location of the entrance that the brownies have. They go and talk to the brownies and get to go through into the dungeons. They’re caught by the two goblins and almost added to the pot of disgusting mush that the prisoners are fed, but Kendra tells them that if they let them go, her Grandfather would reward them, because they’d have aided in the liberation of Fablehaven. One of the goblins takes them to where their grandparents are and they talk a bit, then they leave. They get into the living room before they change back to their full sizes. Seth gets blankets for them to use until they can get their clothes back from Mendigo, who’s waiting outside. Then he uses the invisible glove and goes to scout out the lay of the land.

He steals the key to the pyramid where the artifact is hidden, and knocks Vanessa out. Then he and Kendra escape. Barely. It was only because of Mendigo that they managed it. There were three human-sized imps at the house on guard for Vanessa. Two followed them, and Mendigo broke their legs and beat them up quite a bit. Then they went to Warren’s. Seth suggested that they go pull the nail out of the revenant’s neck, but Kendra said it was too dangerous. She went to go to the bathroom, and when she came back inside the house, she found a note from Seth saying that he was going to do it, and had taken Mendigo with him.

He succeeded in pulling it out of the revenant’s neck, and it was strange, when he did, Warren went back to normal and met Kendra on a platform in one of the trees. She explained everything and they went to the place where the revenant had lived. They found Seth there. He was very tired, and was unconscious. Luckily, they managed to wake him up and they sent him back to Warren’s house with Mendigo. Then they walked to the pyramid and went in.

It’s a very good, very exciting book. It seems slow around the start, but honestly, it does pick up speed and get very exciting. One of those books you pull the flashlight out for at night when you’re not supposed to. 😉 Happy reading! May this review have helped you decide to read it. XD



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