May Bird: Warrior Princess

May Bird is something of a celebrity back home, people know she’s been to the land of the dead, even if they don’t quite believe it. She keeps on hoping to be called back. The lake in the swamp disappeared, so she has no way of getting back. And across the galaxy one question, in different words, was being asked: Where is she? But she didn’t know this, because she had stopped looking up. On the day of her birthday party, she received a phone call, where a voice said “We need you” before the line cut out. She was certain this was the ghosts, and she said so. This isn’t the wisest thing to say apparently, seeing as all the kids who came screamed and ran.

May Bird appeared in the Ever After shortly after that. She thought the Lady of North Farm had summoned her, but she soon learned that the only reason she, and Somber Kitty, were there, was because they had died. They’d fallen off the roof. It took her awhile, but she found Pumpkin hiding out. At first he was upset with her, until she pointed out that he’d wanted her to go home, he said he had thought he had, but it turned out that he hadn’t. And his haunting duties had been taken away, so he couldn’t come see her. When he found out she was dead, any remaining hostility evaporated.

Bo Cleevil had taken over the Ever After, so their mission was to stop him, and save everyone. After the group was together again, they started heading towards the place where a bunch of rebel ghosts were. They had to avoid a lot of vampires, zombies, and goblins, but they made it. At one point, May Bird looked for the Lady of North Farm. North Farm was destroyed, but she found the lady, and was given a tour of the galaxy. Then she was told that she would fail to destroy Bo Cleevil. Even with this knowledge, May Bird decided to try. Now, I think I’m going to give you the ending here, no matter what the consequences are, because I have to confess that near the end of the book, I cried.

I didn’t cry because May Bird failed or anything like that. No, I cried because something that I hadn’t expected, and would never have wanted, happened. At one point, May Bird was going to be sent onto a stairway by Bo Cleevil, this would send her beyond the Ever After, and she’d never be able to come back. This didn’t happen though. Because Pumpkin, who she’d had a couple of fights with recently (I felt sorry for him), saved her. He leapt at Bo Cleevil and knocked him onto the staircase. But he fell onto it too. They became stars. Pumpkin was my favorite character. Other than Somber Kitty that is. I feel like Pumpkin should have been the protagonist. Well…… before I start getting teary again, I think I should end this review, which wasn’t really too long when you think about it.



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I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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