“It’s like America, but South!”

I watched this movie with Dragon, my sister Z’s Cup of Tea, and myself of course! To quote Stevie Joe from StarVix’s fanfictions: “I discovered that I am usually near myself”. That was the basic meaning but I don’t remember if those were the exact words. Oh well. Anyway! We are here to discuss the movie Up. Which features a rather blocky looking old man who is pretty grumpy, a young boy scout who is just so sweet, a tall bird who the boy names Kevin before discovering that “Kevin” is a girl, and a dog called Doug. The old grumpy man is named Carl, I forget what Russell called him though. Russell is the boy scout. 😛 He’s trying to earn his final merit badge, which is for assisting the elderly.

But I’m skipping ahead (not too far, but still). The movie starts with Carl, as a boy, watching a movie about his idol: Charles F. Muntz, a famous explorer who was accused of making a fake skeleton of some sort of bird from Paradise Falls. So he vowed to go and capture one alive, and never come back until he had. After he leaves the movie, he runs around with his little blue balloon, hearing a commentary in his head as he jumps over cracks in the sidewalk (which become things like the Grand Canyon). My favorite part there was when he tries to jump over a treestump (“he climbs over Mount Everest!”), bumped into it, and went around it instead (“he goes around Mount Everest! There’s nothing he can’t do!”) XD It was just so sweet.

Then, he hears someone talking and goes into what looks like an abandoned old house, and discovers a girl inside, pretending to be in a ship like Mr. Muntz’s (which is called Spirit of Adventure). Her name turns out to be “Ellie”, and she’s really loud. That was one of the first things I noticed about her, other than one of her missing teeth. Ellie is a tomboy, and quite funny. She must seem pretty intimidating to Carl though, because he didn’t really say anything around her. At one point she even said “You’re really quiet” or something like that. Carl had let go of his balloon when he came into the house, but Ellie knew where it was. So they went upstairs and discovered it, but they also discovered that there was a big hole in the floor between them and the balloon, and only a thin plank to help them cross the gap.

Ellie pushed him out, and after it didn’t collapse, you would assume that he’d get his balloon. But as soon as he took a step… “AAAAAAAAAAH!!” Poor boy, the plank broke and he fell to the ground floor. That night, as he was in bed, his balloon floated through the window and bumped against his book. Ellie popped through his window too, and showed him her personal scrapbook which had her previous adventures, and what ones she planned to have. She wanted to go to Paradise Falls like Mr. Muntz, and she made Carl promise to help her. “Cross your heart!” They get married and live out their lives together. When Carl finally realizes just how old they are and buys tickets to South America, Ellie gets sick and dies. I felt so sorry for Carl when that happened.

We then switch to where our story “starts” you could say, when the other characters come in. I loved the chair that Carl had that took him down the stairs. When it stopped he just slammed his fist on the armrest and it continued down. XD Anyway, a developer has bought all the land around the house that Carl and Ellie bought and fixed up on their own (it’s what used to be Ellie’s little clubhouse, where they first met). He’d have Carl’s house too, but he won’t sell. One day, the mailbox accidentally gets damaged and Carl hits the man who’s apologizing and trying to fix it on the head, not wanting him to touch it. Carl is ashamed of what he did and goes back inside. The developer takes this as an excuse to get the court to force Carl to a retirement home.

But Carl is too tricky for that (if you want to call it being tricky). When they come for him, he says he wants to say goodbye to the house, but instead he lets a bunch of balloons out of his chimney, turning his home into a temporary airship. A while ago, a boy had appeared at his door, reading from a book, and asking if he could assist him with something. “I could help you cross the road”, “I could help you cross your yard”, “I could help you cross your porch”. XD When Carl’s house rose, he relaxed in the knowledge that he wasn’t going to be sent to any retirement home, and that no one could bother him up there. Well he was wrong. Russell, who he had got rid of before by telling him to go look for a snipe (supposedly a type of bird), had come back, and was on his porch. Eventually, they landed at Paradise Falls, but it still wasn’t good. Why? Because they were on the wrong side! So Carl and Russell tied themselves to the house and dragged it along.

Eventually, Russell has to go to the bathroom (saying he always wanted to try doing that in the wilderness). After he’s done, he finds footprints, and goes “Snipe…”, then follows them going “Here snipey snipey snipey..” XD While eating some chocolate, he meets the very bird that Mr. Muntz is looking for! When he comes back he starts asking Carl if snipes are very tall, if they are very colourful, and if they like chocolate. When Carl sees the bird he freaks out, but the bird likes Russell, so they’re safe. Not too long after that, they meet a dog named Doug, who can talk thanks to a collar that he wears. He’s so funny! XD He’d never seen a bird before, but he realized that that’s what “Kevin” was. He asked if he could take Kevin as a prisoner. Carl told him he could, but it’s easier said than done.

Doug clung to Kevin’s leg as Kevin just followed Russell, repeating the same request the same time: “Please be my prisoner, oh please oh please be my prisoner!” It was really funny. 😛 A little earlier, before Russell met Kevin, Kevin was being chased by three dogs. We go back to them now. The two chunky dogs are talking, I don’t know their names, but I know the Doberman Pinscher is named Alhpa. And interestingly, Alpha’s voice is high pitched and squeaky, instead of low and menacing like you’d expect. “Do you not agree with what I am saying?” is one of my favorite lines from him. But back to Carl and the others, Carl tries to get rid of Kevin and Doug at one point, throwing chocolate for Kevin, and taking a tennis ball off his “walking stick” and asking Doug if he wanted it. Which brought one of my favorite lines from Doug: “Yes Master, I do ever so want the ball!”

It didn’t get rid of the two though. The movie is really sweet and has a nice ending, which I won’t tell you seeing as I’d be spoiling the whole movie then. 🙂 I could continue on with the spoilers, but seriously, if I give everything away, you might feel like you don’t need to see it. Which you do, seeing as no review can give you the same experience that seeing the movie would. ^_^

Oh, and before I go….. I’ve done the review now, are you satisfied Dragon? 😛



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  1. I’ve seen the dog’s name spelled as Dug, also. We should have paid attention to the credits.

  2. misskittyinthecity says:

    What an UPlifting blog!

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