The Imogen Heap bomb (among other things)

Hello my dear friends! The reason I call this post “The Imogen Heap bomb (among other things)”, is because I just got her album “Speak For Yourself”. ^_^ I have to say that I LOVE the cover. 🙂 Yes I like the one that’s mostly white with all the little coloured dots, but that’s not the one I’m talking about. I’m talking about this one:

Thanks misskittyinthecity. 😉 As I was saying, I love the cover for it, the back is also nice (again, I’m not talking about the pink one, I’m talking about the one of her cycling on a bridge or highway or whatever. ^_^ It’s really nice, and it’s a night-time photo. :D) But here’s the tracklist:

  1. Headlock
  2. Goodnight and Go
  3. Have You Got It In You?
  4. Loose Ends
  5. Hide and Seek
  6. Clear the Area
  7. Daylight Robbery
  8. The Walk
  9. Just For Now
  10. I Am In Love With You
  11. Closing In
  12. The Moment I Said It

Twelve tracks, and I love ’em all. ^_^ Yes yes I sing Imogen’s praises to the sky. 😛 Oh, and by the way, she has a YouTube channel if you’re interested. All this Imogen Heap talk and I haven’t gone on to the other things I wanted to discuss! O_O Well I’ll fix that now, so don’t worry! ^_^ Do you know that “Paper Cranes” GelaSkin? Well I got it for my iPod touch. 😀 YIPEE! ^_^ And it looks oh-so-good on it. ^_^ Other than that, I am currently reading Inkheart, Queste, and The Crystal Doors (I’m halfway through Inkheart for those long-suffering people waiting for my review, if there are any. ^_^) And if you’re wondering why there isn’t a review of Alice in Wonderland yet, that’s ’cause I’m waiting to go see it a second time on May 1st with Dragon and Z’s Cup of Tea. ^_^ So you’ll have to wait for that review. I’ll try to get the others done soon so I don’t forget too many details about the books. XD

And while we’re talking about these things…….. have you seen what the Apple iPad looks like?! O_O I soooooo want one. XD It shall be fun to try playing Tap Tap Radiation on there once I’ve got one. 😛 Not “if” I get one, “when” I have one. ^_^ Because I am very set on getting one. 😛 I’ve heard it has a camera too, and that the 4th gen iPod touch has a camera too. ¬¬ I shoulda waited, but whatevah, if I had, I would have found out that the 5th gen had something even better, and would have said “I shoulda waited” then too. So no use moping. ^_^ “Mmm watcha saaaaay….. that’s it’s all for the beeeeest because it is…..” XD Sorry, random Imogen Heap “Hide and Seek” moment. 😛 “Speak no feeling no I don’t believe you….” Sorry! I can’t help it. ^_^ I’ll end this now before this post gets riddled with lyrics. 😛

“Hiiiiiiiiiide and seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk……….. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide and seeeeeeeek……” XD SORRY!!




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