The Summoning

Okay that’s it, I’m just making a tag called “Dragon recommends…”, so that you’ll know whether or not it’s a book she’s lent to me or told me about. Now that that’s outtathaway….. This is a review of The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong. A warning before this begins: I don’t really think that this book is suitable for boys, it definitely ain’t for kids. The main character is named Chloe, at the start of the book, she’s going into the basement to get a drink for her babysitter. And she does the one thing she’s never done before, look behind the heater (at least, I think it was a heater). After that they moved. We then skip ahead to when Chloe is thirteen (or somewhere around that age). Anyway……… from here on out, any boys reading this, STOP READING. Chloe has never had a period, and she’s been keeping the fact secret from her friends. On her way to school that day, she sees a boy jump in front of her taxi, the thing is……. he wasn’t really there. o.o’

At school, she has her first period, dyes streaks of red into her hair, and then sees someone who looks like he was in a fire. No one else can see him though, and she’s taken to the hospital. She is then put into a house for crazy kids called Lyle House. Rachelle (Rae), Liz, Tori (Victoria), Derek, Simon, and Peter. But Peter isn’t important and wasn’t there too long so we’ll ignore him. Liz wasn’t there long either, but unlike Petey, she was important. I won’t say how though. 😉

Seeing as it is kinda tough typing on the iPod, I’ll keep this short. Chloe finds out that most of the kids are supernatural, she’s a necromancer, Simon is a magician, Rae is a half-demon, Liz might be a shaman, and near the end of the book we discover that Derek is a werewolf, YIPEE! I love ze books with ze mythical creatures. 😀 And Lyle house isn’t as nice as it’s supposed to be, seeing as there are two dead supernaturals in the crawl-space. o.o’ I freaked at the part where Chloe accidentally resurrected them. So yes, it’s a very good book. Derek is my fav character in there, and I can’t wait to read the sequel! 😀



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2 Responses to The Summoning

  1. Dragongirl224 says:

    ❤ Glad you like it. I have my own tag now? I'm honored! Derek is my fav too ^_^

  2. Not to disparage it, but I think this would fall under “chick lit” – regarding your warning that you don’t think it’s suitable for boys.

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