Today’s playlist

Hey there friends! ^_^ I got kinda bored with calling all my music posts “What I’m listening to numbah” whatever. So I decided to add a category called “Playlists” so that I can just give the posts any title I want! 😀 So here’s today’s playlist.

Fatboy Slim

  • Right Here, Right Now
  • The Rockafeller Skank
  • F***ing In Heaven
  • Gangster Tripping
  • Build It Up – Tear It Down
  • Kalifornia
  • Soul Surfing
  • You’re Not From Brighton
  • Praise You
  • Love Island
  • Acid 8000

The Creatures

  • 2nd Floor

Juno Reactor

  • Conga Fury

The Watson Twins

  • Modern Man


  • Get This Party Started
  • So What

Savage Garden

  • I Want You

Barn Burner

  • Holy Smokes

Casettes Won’t Listen

  • Speeder

Hyper Crush

  • Keep Up

Michael Jackson

  • This Is It


  • Raver’s Fantasy

Fatboy Slim and The Creatures are from my parent’s CD collection, Juno Reactor I found out about thanks to my Dad. There was a free card for The Watson Twins at Starbucks, so I took it (hey, never say no to free music!) P!nk….. hmmmm…….. I forget how I found out about her…. I just know I like her music. XD Savage Garden was thanks to a Gargoyles AMV for their song “Chained To You”. Seeing as I’m relatively sure I remember parts, it featured Puck as the main character in it, the AMV that is. Demona also played a main role in there. Barn Burner, Casettes Won’t Listen, and Hyper Crush are thanks to Tap Tap Revenge 3. “This Is It” and “Raver’s Fantasy” are thanks to the tagging abilities of the application known as Shazam. ^_^



About Adaraschia

I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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