Asterix & Obelix

On a whim, I googled the delightful duo (Asterix & Obelix), and discovered their website. 😛 And their blog, which I’ll give you the links for. But we can’t have this being a dreadfully short post, not when those two are so fun. Noooo……… definitely not. ^_^ It’s funny, when I found that for part of my schoolwork I was going to be reading about the Romans (this was ages ago), I jokingly asked if I’d be hearing about Gaul too, and mentioned the Asterix and Obelix comics. Surprisingly, I’m the only student my teacher (at the time) had had who had mentioned the two. o_o I find this surprising, and also a very bad sign. Why? Because EVERYONE should know about, and read, Asterix and Obelix! They give laughs, and you might actually remember some geographical things thanks to the maps that are shown occasionally. I know I have. 😛 If you’re one of the people who (like me) thought that Dogmatix was there with them forever too, then it might surprise you to find out that he wasn’t.

It took me some time to actually figure that out. -.- I didn’t start reading them at the beginning you see. Anyway, I’d say Obelix is my favorite character, hands down. But Cacofonix is also funny, seeing as he’s a terrible singer, but continues trying anyway (I like that quality about him, even though everyone tells him he’s terrible, he never gives up. Though whether that’s just being stubborn as a mule or not is kinda hard to say…..) And then there’s Fulliautomatix, who’s always bashing Cacofonix on the head, but let’s not forget the chief, Chief Vitalstatistix (when I finally got the pun that his name is, I laughed for quite awhile).

I know I might be being kinda random and disconnected, but hey! I’m tired, give me some slack. Anyway, our Gauls would not be the same without those *cough*wonderful*cough* Roman camps. Seriously! I wouldn’t have found them half so funny if they weren’t bashing the Romans all the times. 🙂 Some of them had some pretty ridiculous names too…… Yeah, so I love those two. Obelix with his “WHO ARE YOU CALLING FAT?!” and Asterix with his calm, level headed judgements. 🙂 Yup, those two are really wonderful. Asterix is the brain, and Obelix is the muscle. And with Getafix’s magic potion (which, as we all know, Obelix fell into as a kid) they’re invincible!

Which is what made the one where Getafix got amnesia quite funny. ^_^ Read that one. 😛 But I’ll stop being confusing, and just give you the links already, you read through this whole tangled mess to find them anyway. Sorry about that.

The website

The Indomitable Blog



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