Alright… I am Bluegenesis94, making my debut on LCD’s awesome site of biased reviews and I will be posting frequently on video games and the few books and music CD’s I have. Who knows, if I become popular enough I might start a podcast. 😀 Here or else on my other blog. Sooo….. get ready for this!

– Bluegenesis94


About bluegenesis94

I'm an outdororsman and a gamer all in one. The complete package, I like driving to random places for the view like scenic drives through Washington and visiting small historical towns with a lot of history. I am basically the new-age Louis & Clark. When it comes to gaming I usually play racing games that are pretty realistic like the Need for Speed series which I collect and the Gran Turismo series, oh which, I also collect. My favorite character is Sonic the Hedgehog, a video game character created by SEGA. My dream is to work for SEGA of America when I get older and possibly go to college. I'm also a fan of vehicles from different generations. You may see different car pics on the blog.
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  1. Welcome to the team, Bluegenesis!! 🙂

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