Sally’s Spa

This is one game that I really enjoy, mainly because there are different spa settings. 😛 And I just love how you can upgrade the saunas, the tea machine, and even the people you employ. Though why people would need upgrading I do not know. 😛 Only their clothes change after all… and you can play the music on your iPod instead of the game music. 😛 That is one feature I really take advantage of.

It’s actually quite funny when I play rock music in a place where it’s supposed to be all gentle and relaxing and stuff. XD But let’s start this properly. Sally is on a vacation and is talking to her friend Nelly (I forget the name), and discovered that there was a spa that wasn’t being used etc. etc. and Sally bought it. So the first spa you get is at Azure Coast. Sounds nice doesn’t it? Anyway……

The first customer you deal with is “Busy Mom”, an average tipper who is very patient (all well and good). So they either want to go into the sauna or onto the yellow chair where you apply a face mask or (in later levels) change their eyebrows. After that’s done, you put them on the massage bed (I think that’s what it is). What looks like a bunch of karate chop motions are done, and (in later levels) you apply hot stones after that, or they might just want the hot stones.

In the first level, there are only two chairs for waiting customers, one sauna, two yellow chairs, and one massage bed. That, and the fact that there isn’t a tea machine, and no candles. And you’re the only staff. In the next level, Sally tells you about “shopping”. So it’s mostly about how silhouettes with price tags are things you don’t have that you can buy, things with green arrows on them are things for upgrading, etc. Also in the second level, Nell (so I only added a y to the name!) appears and tells you that she’d like to set up your spa to sell her line of “Nell’s Naturals”.

Of course, there isn’t a “decline” option, so you can only click okay. Then she shows you how to figure out what products will sell best. In the “blog” profile I made, “split ends” products are in high demand, and “UV Index” ones are in low demand. Shown by a green, yellow, or red bar. You can also upgrade your shelf with Nell’s Naturals as you go through the game.

So the customers you get are:

Busy Mom
Business Man
Super Model
Old Couple
Love Birds

Those weren’t in any particular order, and I’m relatively sure I missed at least ONE customer you can get. As you go through the game, you also change ranks with Nell, you start out as a Trainee. 😛 You can also buy different clothes for Sally as the game progresses so that she can move faster. When you “buy” different employees, the jobs you have to do are minimized. So let’s say you’ve got all of them, including Nell (who I got around the end of the game). So you don’t have to take care of working the cash register, the tea machine, turning on the saunas, doing the karate-chop thingy, or turning on the water in the baths.

You’ve still got to apply face masks, change eye brows, paint nails, clip nails, apply hot stones, and choose bubble bath. I find it annoying sometimes, but it saves the game from becoming almost effortless to complete. 😛 And what with all the different locations and the upgrades they bring with them, each new area is interesting. So I’d say this game has good replayability, seeing as you can start new profiles, and (I think) delete old ones if you want to start all over again.

Starting over again isn’t actually as easy as you might think (at least, for me it wasn’t). I’d become used to having all that staff and all those upgrades and things, so I didn’t get the perfect score I got the first time I played. 😛 I give this game a 10/10. XD

P.S. Seeing as this is my first app review, it might not be the best, but I hope my app reviews will improve. ^_^



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2 Responses to Sally’s Spa

  1. misskittyinthecity says:

    LOVE THIS GAME! The ones that make me nuts are the couples that have to stay together….by the way, you are talking about a multistar winnah!! 😀 It is like I am Sally reincarnated….heehheeee….:D

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