Marianas Trench

Let me say that I lovelovelove Marianas Trench. ^_^ They are awesome. My favorite songs by them are:

Celebrity Status
Cross My Heart (which I got for free from iTunes ^_^)
All to Myself
and Beside You

I could listen to these songs for… quite awhile, actualy, on repeat. FOREVERZ!!!! ^_^

~Dragon (hehe squiggle!!)

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5 Responses to Marianas Trench

  1. LCD says:

    Sweeeeeeet…….. 😛 Squiggle ftw? ^_^

  2. It’s a good thing you leave signatures on your posts. I thought this was C at first :P…until I saw the squiggle. 😉

    ~!~ Zoe

  3. Ahaha squiggles save the day!! 😀

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