Before I start, be warned that I have only seen a few of season one’s episodes recently, and that I really really like this show, so even if this isn’t as long as I’d like it to be, I still highly recommend it. So let’s get cracking! 😀 The first episode, The Awakening, starts in New York, in 1994. At the top of the building in which David Xanatos, a very wealthy guy, lives, there seems to be a fight. There’s certainly a lot of rubble raining down. Luckily, no one gets killed by this (which is kinda strange now that I think about it, not even the people at the top of the tower got much damage). Elisa Maza, a police woman, arrives and wants to know what’s happening. It turns out, no one knows except those at the top of the building. And seeing as the top of the building is above the clouds, they can’t see anything.

Elisa tells the people to get away after some rock falls down, then she notices some scratches in a rock that fell down. Claw marks, which begs the question “What can make claw marks in solid stone?” Of course, she asks it after she dodges another barage of rock. Not too long after this, we switch back to Scottland in the year 994, it’s dusk, and Vikings are attacking a castle. Typical isn’t it? The captain of the guard gets some soldiers to go back to their post, and tells them to wait for nightfall, “then we’ll see some fun”.

Now, the leader of the Vikings climbs up to the very top of the tower, and as the sun sets, cracks appear on the stone gargoyle just above him. This gargoyle, is our friend Goliath, the only gargoyle (at that time) with a name. My favorite scene in the first episode would be this, if it wasn’t for the sweet one later on, which I’ll be mentioning. Goliath picks up Hakon, the Viking leader, and holds his wrist as he dangles him over open space, and says “You are trespassing”. Just the way it was done made it so hilarious to me. 😛 Hakon swings his sword up and Goliath grabs it with his free hand, but Hakon sees the blood that comes down the blade, and tells his men to keep fighting, because the gargoyles aren’t invinsible.

But in the end, they win the battle, after Hakon gets cornered by their gargbeast watch dog, and his second in command (who also happens to be his mate). Goliath grabs him and tosses him into a cart full of hay. So they retreat, with a few being thrown after the others by gargoyles. So while the humans celebrate, the captain of the guard thanks Goliath for saving them, saying that they owe the gargoyles their lives. Goliath’s only reply is “as we owe you ours, every day”. This is mainly because during the day, the gargoyles are stone, and as stone, they are helpless. Sure it heals them, but while they are stone, if their head is whacked off, they are sooooo dead.

Of course, someone betrays the castle to the Vikings and most of the gargoyles get killed. Goliath, his mentor, his mate, the gargbeast, and “the trio” survive. The trio and the gargbeast survived mainly because Goliath ordered them into the rookery as punishment for frightening the humans (of course, Goliath’s mate encouraged it, seeing as she’s very bitter towards humans). When Goliath came back, he thought his “Angel of the night” (his mate) was dead. He was sad for all his clan-mates of course, but he felt the pain most about his wife. Of course, he didn’t know she was alive. This was because (Spoiler!) she helped the captain of the guard betray the castle.

So Goliath and the remaining gargoyles (and gargbeast) set out for revenge, and to save the humans. Goliath manages to save the princess before Hakon can kill her, but the Magus doesn’t know this. He casts a spell on the gargoyles (minus Goliath), and it was in actual Latin, which made it great. Tom (a little boy who actually saw the gargoyles as people, which brought about the cute scene I mentioned) runs and gets Goliath and the princess. The trio, Goliath’s mentor, and the gargbeast are all turned to stone. The counter-spell was on the page Hakon had ripped out and burned from the Grimorum Arcanorum. The princess asked if they would be turned to stone forever, the Magus replied that they wouldn’t. They would remain that way until the castle rose above the clouds.

Goliath put them back in their places and the princess said she was sorry, she had hated the gargoyles before, thinking that it was Goliath’s mentor’s fault that her father had died, but now she realized it wasn’t like that (the poor gargoyle would have let himself die if it had meant defending the king). Goliath asked them to watch over the eggs from the rookery, and the princess promised that they would raise them as their own. Then Goliath asked for one more favor, he wanted the Magus to cast his spell one last time.

So as they left, Goliath was also stone at the top of his tower, sightlessly watching over his clan. Episode three shows Xanatos (as he is referred to through most of the series) getting the castle taken (carefully, with the gargoyles transported seperately) to his building, and placed at the top, above the clouds. Of course, Xanatos knows what he’s doing, mainly because he discovered the Grimorum himself, and read the account of what happened to the gargoyles.

So they wake up, happy that they’re awake and alive….. then they notice their surroundings and wonder where the hell they are. Xanatos appears, seemingly with all the answers. Not too long after that, helicopters appear and they’re seemingly attacked. Of course, Xanatos “helps” (spoiler warning), but the troops are actually his, staging an attack so that he can make the gargoyles believe that a rival company stole something from him. After the attack ends, Elisa gets into the building and has a look around after she’s “escorted out” by Xanatos’s butler, Owen (who happens to be one of my favorite characters in disguise).

She meets the gargbeast, and has her gun in front of her, but Goliath appears and takes it, crumbling it in his hand (yay! Animal cruelty was prevented!) Elisa backs away and falls, so Goliath swoops down and saves her. They land on another building, and after a bit of discussion, she asks if he can’t just fly up. He tells her he can’t, and that gargoyles can only glide. So he climbs back up with her arms around his neck, of course she’s holding on for dear life.

Now, I’m going to skip to the part where they decide names. Goliath and Elisa had gone to look around the city earlier, and his mentor had followed just to make sure that no one was going to ambush Goliath. He got his name when he was saying that humans need names for everything, and said “Does the river need a name?” and Elisa replied “That’s the Hudson”. So he decided he would be called Hudson, “like the river”. XD The trio had also gone to look around the city. The red one (my favorite) became Brooklyn. The green one became Lexington, or Lex for short. The blue one (with a huge stomach) became Broadway (he dragged it out a little). The gargbeast became Bronx.

And guess whaaaaaat? *singsong voice* Xanatos reunited Goliath and his mate, and they went and stole the things that were supposedly stolen from Xanatos. Not too long after that, Goliath went to see Elisa, and she told him that they had stolen, instead of just returning something to it’s rightful owner. And she told him that it had all been set up by Xanatos. Xanatos and Goliath’s mate, who reveals that the humans named her Demona (actually, spoiler warning, it was a human named Macbeth who gave her the name), nearly destroy them, but thanks to Elisa’s intervention, that doesn’t happen. Demona disappears, and Xanatos gets arrested.

There are so many Shakespeare referrences in this show, and in season two, on their world tour, you learn lots about mythology. 😛 Another reason I enjoy this show. ^_^ Elisa and Goliath also develop a bit of a relationship (which is cute). Throughout the show (until around the end of season two), Xanatos is their enemy. First, using Macbeth, he drives them out of the castle, so they stay in the clock tower above the police station. This makes it easier for Elisa to visit them.

I really wonder how that girl got any sleep in after she met them. And she never seemed to get truly tired. Of course, they have more enemies than just Xanatos, like the Pack, a group on TV. Or…. hmm…. let me think for a minute. *thinks in a Goliath pose* Oberon! 😀 But he doesn’t appear in season one I don’t think. *frowns*

I’d say my favorite characters in this show are Brooklyn, Goliath, Angela (Goliath’s daughter), Malibu (Brooklyn’s clone), Elisa, and Demona. Of course, I like the Magus too, even though he was a bit of a git in the first episode. And I like the minotaur from New Atlantus or whatever that island they discovered on the world tour. Yeah, so BROOKLYN AND MALIBU FOREVAH! 😀 On that note, this post is done. XD

P.S. You really really really really “relaly” need to watch this show! Be warned though, season three is baaaaaaad. The guy who wrote the first two seasons didn’t write it, and the stuff was sent to an American animation studio instead of the Japanese (or was it Chinese?) one from before. Goliath looked shorter, and a lot more blocky. BLOCKY I TELL YOU! The changes were almost offensive.



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    • LCD says:

      Yes blocky! 😦 I couldn’t believe it. At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, and then I realized they weren’t. That was sadder than any scene in gargoyles that makes me feel upset.

  1. I have to say, that artwork reminded me a lot of old Batman. 😛

    Two friendly blog tips: 1) A search engine would be useful! 2) You should update your blogroll, zur. ;P I’m no longer at ATP.

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