The Magic Thief

This book is great. 😀 I had my doubts about it around the start, but they were dispelled when the boy only had to be in a room full of focus stones to know that none of them were his. ‘Twas awesome. ^_^ Connwaer, or Conn, lives in the streets of Wellmet (I love that name, “Wellmet”, makes me think “Well met”. :P) as a pickpocket. One evening, he pickpockets a wizard, pulling his focus stone out. The wizard treats him to dinner (and saves his life during it), because he was interested in him. Mainly because he didn’t die the instant he touched the stone.

The wizard’s name is Neverly Flinglas, who isn’t as bad as he seems. 🙂 Without meaning to, he teaches Conn an illegal spell, which transformed Conn into a black cat.  He snuck in to a wizard’s meeting, and one of them picked him up, Brumbee. He’s a very nice man, and my favorite character. My other favorites would be Benet, Neverly’s “hired muscle”, Keeston, Pettivox’s apprentice, and Rowan Forestal, daughter of the Duchess.

After a bit of time, Neverly changes his plans from having Conn as a servant, to having him as an apprentice. The only thing is, he hasn’t found a focus stone yet. And when he does, it’s the most impressive one he could have. It’s a huge emerald shaped like a leaf, in the royal regalia. And if that wasn’t enough, the bigger a focus stone is, the harder it is (apparently) to control it. Conn has no such problems. Yes he’s the nephew of the Underlord, the man who controls all of the Twilight area of Wellmet, but he doesn’t like his uncle.

Conn has a theory. That theory becomes, in the space of a few seconds, something he knows is true. The magic in Wellmet is alive, and someone is planning to kill it. The magic made sure he would be able to live in the streets, it saved his life, so that he could save it’s life. Of course, Nevery doesn’t think that’s possible, and dismisses it as absolutely stupid, but Conn knows he’s right. In the end, his focus stone shatters (he got the magic out of the machine it was trapped in by letting it come out through his focus stone), and, surprisingly, he survives.

Keeston went good ages ago, which is why he’s one of my favorite characters. He was very sorry about all of the stuff that had happened. I like this book so much, that I shall give it (by way of stars) ten in everything…. if you need seperate stars for reading experience, how good the writing was, and how much you like it overall. Yes this review is a little shorter than some of my other ones, but that is because I didn’t want to give away the whole plot. I know I told about the end, but that’s okay! ^_^



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