Thee pokemon things to say

While trying to check and see if this website had an RSS feed for my bro, FJR, he directed me to the trading cards page. I scrolled down through the images, and some of the pokemon seemed to be saying stuff. I’m going to show three, and what I think their image is saying.

WHAT did you say to me?

You’re going to take me home with you? Oh you good person!

You have two options, you agree to my deal, or you get hurt. I happen to be very generous.

😛 My favorite one has to be Steelix. XD For captions. 😛 So now that that’s done…… this  post is over! 😀 Btw, there was no RSS.



About Adaraschia

I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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2 Responses to Thee pokemon things to say

  1. If you look at the Ursaring on that site, it looks like he (she?) is going “NOT MY COOKIE!!!!” XD. Then the Larvitar (the one pointing at the sky) Is going “Uh, Guys? There’s a Tauros juping over the moon.” 😀

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