Is it just me, or in each book, does it get steadily weirder? It’s either that, or things are relatively the same, but Bella is more demanding or something. In Seattle, there are a lot of unsolved murders, which, according to Edward, are probably the work of a newly born vampire. But there’s too much to be one of course, so it must be a whole bunch. Jasper’s history is revealed in this one, and through that, we find out that someone is making themselves a miniature army of vampires who’s biggest weakness is that they don’t have any battle plan, they rely on their strength.

This, as Jasper pointed out, is how Emmet usually fights, which I actually found amusing. When they’d been applying for colleges (which doesn’t really have a point, seeing as Edward can bribe any college into accepting her), she convinced him to allow her to visit Jacob, because she knows that the wolves won’t hurt her. Hmm, I wonder where she got this idea… I’m thinking about the girl that had her face mauled just because she was with them.

Anyway, she starts visiting them, and on one of those visits, Jacob kisses her, so she punches him in the jaw. Stupid thing to do isn’t it? I think she broke her hand or something, Edward came and picked her up and they went to the Cullens’s house. Emmett was holding up a car for Rosalie so she could fix it, and when he asked what had happened to her hand, suggesting that she fell, she shook her head and said she punched a werewolf in the face. This made him laugh, and it was also one of my favorite scenes. I mean come on! How stupid can you get Bella? You know that Jacob has to be a lot harder to hurt if he’s supposed to be able to fight vampires and live.

Despite these problems, there’s a much bigger one “on the horizon”. Victoria is coming back for Bella. Of course, she’s the one making the newborns. Edward proposes to Bella at a point, and even though she really doesn’t like the idea of marriage, she accepts. They were planning to just do it secretly, but Alice found out and confronted Bella. She was so upset it made me upset. Alice is my fav character in there, how dare Bella make her cry! XD Joking, joking…

They make a sort of truce with the werewolves so that they’ll fight Victoria’s army together. After a bit of persuasion, Bella gets Edward to agree to hide with her, she’d have Jacob stay too, but she can’t really force the two to stay together. Interestingly enough, they had a few minutes of actual near friendship when they thought she was asleep. Victoria traces Edward’s scent to where Bella is hiding and fights him.

In the end, they kill her second in command and her, which makes me wonder who the “villain” in the last book is. The Volturi? Whatever the case is, Jacob ran away when he was sent a wedding invitation, with a personal note attached from Edward, which was actually nice. I felt pretty sorry for Jacob. No, I’m not rooting for Team Jacob or Team Edward, but still, now that the wedding plans are definite, he doesn’t really have a chance of making her his does he? Anyway, the book was okay, but I’m not sure if I’d put it on my favorite books list. Yes the first one has a lot of Edward praise (all of them do), but I liked it better than this one.

And I’d have to say that my favorite scene from here is where she tells Emmett she hit a werewolf in the face. So I wouldn’t recommend it that much, but if you do decide to read it there is at least one funny part. 🙂



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