The Incredibles

“I’m Syndrome! Your nemesis and….. oh great…”

Life is hard for superheroes isn’t it? Sometimes people want to be saved and other times they want to be allowed to jump off buildings and die. Yeah… normal people are funny that way aren’t they? Mr. Incredible is driving along, all is peace and happiness (supposedly), then a getaway car needs to be stopped, while at the same time, an old lady needs her cat to be “rescued” from a tree.

Easy enough, Mr. Incredibly uproots the tree and shakes it until the cat drops off, then uses the tree to stop the getaway car. After putting the poor abused piece of living wood back in place, he gets another problem, so he checks his watch, says “I’ve still got time”, then goes off. Or tries to. As soon as he’s in his car, he hears “All ready for takeoff!” Some kid, dressed in a blue version of his outfit with a cape and some weird boots is sitting there. His name is Buddy, and he had Mr. Incredible sign every single scrap of paper he pushed at him when he last saw him.

After ejecting the enthusiastic kid, who is calling himself “Incredi-boy”, he zooms off. He tries to retrieve a lady’s stolen purse, but is beaten to the knock out by Elastigirl. Then he goes off and is standing on top a building as Frozone, another hero, goes past while chasing a helecopter. “Shouldn’t you be getting ready?” Mr. Incredible’s reply is that he’s still got time. Then this man jumps off a building, which is the cause for my earlier comment about people wanting to be saved sometimes, and wanting to be allowed to fall and die sometimes.

Mr. Incredible jumps and saves him, then hears a weird beeping noise. It’s a villain, I forget the name. He’s dressed up sort of like a French mime, and he’s got the language to go with it. “Incredi-boy”, chooses that time to show up. The villain tosses a bomb that latches onto his cape, so Mr. Incredible has to make a split-second decision to let the villain go, or save the kid. He chooses the latter, and of course, Buddy has no idea that it’s happening, and Mr. Incredible barely manages to get it off in time.

Of course, it has to fall on some train tracks, so he has to save the train before it falls down to the street, killing passengers. He barely manages it. Then, instead of going to chase the villain, he has to leave because he’s gonna be late. Before he goes in, Frozone reminds him that he’s still got the mask on, and takes it off. Guess who Mr. Incredible is getting married to? ELASTIGIRL! WHOOOOOOOO!

Saving the guy who jumped off a building turns out to be a bad thing. Why? Because as a result of that, all the supers had to go into hiding because of a “no more supers” thing. And for some of them, it’s not that easy…. We skip to where Bob Parr, Mr. Incredible, has a job with an insurance company. There’s this little old lady crying because something happened and she needs insurance and they won’t give it to her…. so he starts saying he’s not authorized to tell her blah blah blah, and he gives her a pencil and notebook, and she writes it down. The guy still helps people even when he’s not allowed to. So then she sets up a huge sob-fest as she leaves, so that it looks like he just rejected her claims to insurance.

Meanwhile, Dash, one of their kids, has got in trouble at school. What for? Sticking a tack on the teacher’s chair, of course, the teacher can’t prove it, because all it shows up as is a flicker on the recording the teacher got. The teacher looks like a praying mantis, his head is too large, and his eyes are humongous. O.O I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be a super hero in another movie…. if they make another one.

Dash has super speed, Violet has invisibility and force fields (the invisibility is demonstrated when Tony, a popular boy at school, looks at her). I love her way of running, I’m not sure why though. Jack-Jack, the baby, seems like he’s normal (biiiiig mistake, as you’ll see at the end of the movie, or if you watch Jack-Jack Attack). Mr. Incredible gets home, has a bit of annoyance with the car, and finally they’re all having dinner.

Dinner is a bit of an affair because Dash keeps on baiting Violet, Bob is reading the newspaper in the kitchen (and discovers that one of the old superheroes, Gazerbeam, has gone missing), and Mrs. Parr is busy trying to stop the fight. Frozone arrives, so everyone fixes the things as best they can in a few seconds and is sitting. Lucius, Frozone, has come by for “bowling night”, which is actually “fight-crime-secretly-without-our-wives-knowing night”. A lady sees them, and talks to someone on a phone.

Not too soon after that, when Bob gets fired and he’s home emptying his briefcase, we find out who she is. Her name is Mirage, and she works with some company who needs his help, saying that the supers aren’t gone, and that he’s still there, he can still do great things….. or he can listen in on police radios and go help a public who isn’t even interested in thanking them.

So he accepts the mission, and he goes and fights this robot. His old superhero suit got a cut, so he took it to Edna Mode, my favorite character in there other than Violet or Mirage. The picture I show you here is when Edna is showing Mrs. Parr the new superhero suits she made for them (she’s talking about Jack Jack’s at that part, saying the suit can withstand five thousand degrees), Bob’s isn’t there of course, because he’s already taken it and is using it. This is because he’s been called back for a second mission. When he arrives at the conference room, one of the walls opens up and an upgraded version of the robot appears and starts roughing him up while a hidden announcer goes “It’s bigger, it’s badder…. ladies and gentlemen it’s too much for Mr. Incredible waho!” Then the announcer reveals himself and says it’s finally ready. Guess who it is? Buddy. But he’s grown up, and he’s not Buddy, or Incredi-boy either. Nope, he’s Syndrome! “Your nemesis and….. oh great“. XD

He supposedly kills Mr. Incredible with a bomb, but Mr. Incredible escapes it and hides behind Gazerbeam’s skeleton. It’s when he’s looking through Syndrome’s computer that Mrs. Parr presses the button on the location device that can tell you where any of the suits is at any time. It alerts the security machines and Mr. Incredible blacks out as Mirage enters the room. We switch over to Edna Mode’s place, where Elastigirl is blowing her nose and is going on about what’s happened until Edna Mode says the following. “What are you talking about?” Then she jumps up on the table. “You are Elastigirl! My god, pull yourself together!” With the words “pull yourself together” she whacked Elastigirl for each one. “You will show him that you remember that he is Mr. Incredible and you will remind him who you are”, she points the rolled up newspaper at Elastigirl. “So go, confront the problem, fight, win!” Her arms are up in the air and she’s got this maniacal expression on her face, “And call me when you get back darling I enjoy our visits.”

So Mrs. Parr takes the suits home, and starts packing. Dash steals his and Violet’s costumes and Mrs. Parr locks them out of her room. Dash has discovered that his still allows him to run fast, and Violet finds that her suit turns invisible with her. Which is cool, honestly. So they stow away on the plain. They did get a babysitter for Jack-Jack though. Her name is Kari, she’s got braces, and she’s going to play Mozart, “because leading experts say, Mozart makes babies smarter. I wish my parents had played Mozart, because half the time I didn’t know what anyone was talking about”. XD Kari is also a favorite character.

Meanwhile, Syndrome is torturing Bob with electricity and trying to find out who he contacted, and Mr. Incredible didn’t know about the homing device, as he said. That was around the time Helen (Mrs. Incredible) calls requesting landing. Syndrome sends out homing missiles, it’s when Mirage hears that there are children aboard that her eyes widen, of course, Mr. Incredible was pretty horrified too. Syndrome didn’t call them off.

The suits from Edna Mode saved them (bless that lady with the huge glasses!) Helen stretched herself over them and then into a boat, Dash’s feet served as the motor, and they got to the island by nightfall. Yes, they rescue Mr. Incredible, but then Syndrome catches them. Violet’s force fields allow her to get out of her electrical thingy, and she turns all of it off. Then they go to stop the robot that Syndrome has sent to the city, which is already causing terror.

The movie is awesome, and I just love some of the different super-hero references that were made with Jack Jack, it was totally awesome. ^_^ I mean, flaming baby? That’s obviously “the human torch, Johnny Storm”. Little devil like thing? Hellboy, and steel? That steel guy from X-Men. It was hilarious! And then there’s Jack-Jack’s teleporting places, like onto the ceiling, through walls….. It was just hilarious watching poor Kari trying to keep up with it in Jack-Jack Attack. I highly recommend this movie, because a) it’s great and b) it’s hilarious. XD



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  1. they stow away on the plain? I thought they stowed away on a plane? 😀

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