Cooking Dash

“Behold……. the power of the kitchen!” Yes, I know I’m messing up a quote, but who cares? I wanted to open the review with something ridiculous. ^_^ Flo’s friend Cookie needs a vacation, and he’s asked to do a cooking show. He accepts, and leaves Flo and Grandma to work the diner. The game’s story is mainly with Flo and Grandma going around town and taking care of these different places for their owners while they join Cookie on his cooking show temporarily.

There are different upgrades, mainly to improve your kitchen. So another fryer, some buttons that will make the food cook really fast, speed upgrades for Flo and Grandma, an extra table, an upgrade for the smoothie machine, hot chili to make the customers eat faster, things like that. There’s an endless shift mode that you can unlock, lose five customers, and it’s over.

The thing that makes the game’s replayability great (in my opinion), is that you can go back to get an expert score on each stage, and let’s say you go from the last level, to the first. It’s almost jarring, the changes. 😛 You can’t do things as fast, you don’t have as many things to use, so you might not get a perfect score as you might have the first time you played (like I did).

Another thing you’ve got to see to are the customer’s needs. Some of them (like the cell phone people), talk and annoy the other customers, and if you’ve got a coffee machine, you can fix the problem. If you don’t, you pray that you can “get rid of them” quickly. XD I’d say the game is pretty darn good, and I give it the imaginary stamp of approval. 😉 Until the next review…….



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