Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories

If I was to tell you that this game has quite a few improvements over the first one, I’d be telling the truth. A couple of hours ago, before I was able to get to the computer to write this review, I bought the first Zenonia game. I’d tried the free version, so I knew I’d like it. I do, but some of the things are so weird. Like the inventory menu. You use the D-pad to navigate in it, and you can’t tap on the “ok” button on the screen, you have to tap on the button which makes you attack your enemies. And seeing as Regret (assassin type) has no “skills” yet, I have no idea how you are supposed to use those.

Another thing is that the character design improved (in my opinion). In the first Zenonia game, some of the characters aren’t things you’d be wanting a little kid to see (strangely enough, all the questionable outfits I’ve seen so far in there are for the Dragon Tribe ladies). In Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories, the outfits are better, and you have more than one character to choose from, instead of one character with different classes (assassin, paladin, and warrior). The characters available are:

  • Lu (a paladin, melee type attacks, weakest character I’ve tried, but very amusing) [his name sounds like “Loo”]
  • Ecne (a shooter, she has the longest range of attack, she is my favorite personality-wise) [her name sounds like Acne]
  • Morpice (a magician, has the second longest range of attack with his vision fire, a favorite when it comes to gameplay) [his name sounds like “more” and then a word that I won’t put here]
  • Daza (a half-minotaur, he’s really powerful and his abilities are those that would be useful in a brawl. Out of the skills I’ve got for him, I enjoy the skill that has him transform into some huge animal) [his name actually just sounds like “daza”, instead of something else]

Each of their stories is different, and regretabbly, there are only three profiles, so you can’t do all of them without switching from one. I only know about Lu’s gameplay because when I first got the game, my two brothers each had one of the profiles. The youngest was Lu, the other was Daza, while I was Ecne. Once they decided they would wait until they would be able to play it without time-limits (which I insisted upon), I took the other two profiles. One became Daza (I’m farthest in that one), and the other became Morpice. So far, Ecne is the farthest behind, seeing as I’m having problems with the first boss, a huge icy dragon who resides in (guess the name) Frosty Dungeons. His name is Lex, and if possible, I’d want him for a pet. XD Don’t ask why.

It’s one of those games where you do missions for certain characters, upon completion you go back to the person who gave you the quest and deliver whatever it was they wanted. Whether it be a message from some lady to her talking dog (who’s name is Hotdog), collecting a family tree for someone (Terry in Iris Town), or bringing an old relic to someone who’s in Terry’s house. His name is Indy, which made me think of Indiana Jones…… it might be because the outfit was also slightly similar. The only thing was he didn’t have a whip or cowboy hat as far as I can tell.

You first see memories of the characters, (for Ecne it would be talking to her brother about what she wanted to be when she grew up, for Lu it was training with his grandfather, for Morpice it was losing his mother and sister and being taken in by a magician who taught him what he knew, and for Daza it was being betrayed by a guy who he’d thought was his friend), then how they came to be in Deva Castle’s dungeons. For Daza, his memory of being betrayed was what landed him in there.

So you escape from the dungeon, fighting off the royal guards and some “security limes”, dumpling-like birds. The security limes have red lights on their heads, like you’d see on top of an ambulance. There are different types of lime throughout the game, the ones I’ve run into being:

  • Security lime
  • Lime
  • Mad Lime
  • and something along the lines of Infuriated/insane lime

The security lime and the normal lime are white, the mad lime is a shade of lime green, and the infuriated/insane lime is a weird mustardy yellow. Hmm. I wonder……. maybe the security and normal limes are like marshmallows, the mad lime actually tastes like lime (the fruit), and the infuriated/insane lime tastes like mustard? In that case, would you roast the first two, have the third in a fruit salad, and have the fourth on a hot dog? Very good questions in my opinion.

Getting back on track, in this game, you can choose where the d-pad will be on the screen, along with the skills boxes. Plus, you can press on “ok” buttons, and navigate around the inventory with the arrows on the screen, instead of the d-pad. Something which I love. Did I ever mention that my favorite skill from Morpice, out of the ones I have so far, is the one where he summons a golem?

The places I know so far are Deva Castle, Deva Woods, Iris Town, the Highlands, Frosty Dungeons, South Iris, and this sandy area where you meet this ninja enemies. Honestly, I think the ninjas are a good edition to the game (if there weren’t any in the last one). For everyone knows that ninjas are awesome. ^_^ Each different character has different items they can get, from weapons to armor. Morpice gets spell books and gauntlets, along with hoods.

Ecne gets different guns and helmets (of a sort). I’m not sure what Lu gets, seeing as I never checked. Daza gets different “hoods”, which are more like masks in some cases, and are cool. He also gets “orbs” and different types of claws. Then there are combine scrolls, which can give you weapons, food, or things to complete other combine scrolls for things like “necklace of conqueror”, or “ring of monarchy”. Combine scrolls are quite useful, but if you accidentally delete one, it’s very annoying when you’re trying to find it again.

Take for example, the fact that I lost the bronze scroll recently. I need bronze to make a necklace of conqueror. I have all the other things, except bronze. And I only needed one more too. -.- If I was to grade the various things, I’d say A+ for story, seeing as I like it a lot. A+ for character design and personality, A for gameplay, B for bosses (because they are so freaking annoying), and A for the overall game I guess. Though I do wish there were four profiles, and that the bosses weren’t so infuriating. -.- With Daza, I’m stuck fighting floating heads with faces on all four sides. FLOATING HEADS! And after them, I’m not done with the boss battle. Oh no…. I’ve gotta fight someone called “Deodore”. According to the captions someone put with a screenshot in their review of this game, they said that his moves don’t involve deoderant. I think this is a shame, seeing as it would have been quite amusing if that had been the case. 😛

This game is great, despite the things which I listed under “I do wish”. I recommend this game to anyone considering getting it, and to anyone who ISN’T considering getting it. ^_^ It’s a good game. 😛


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