Randomness 2.0

This is my version of a random post, we’ll see how successful it is >:)

I am a potatoe who spells potato wrong on porpose and enjoys watching Up and other animated movies like How to Train Your Dragon (ftw, by the way). I hate people who constently obsess over their looks. Fish and otters are the best waterdwelling animals, dolphins and whales topping the charts for salt water. Canada is the best place ever as we have more square feet of awesomness per person than any other country. Unlimited texting is amazing. Music. ‘Nuf said.

Cheese is the best thing to have on a sandwitch as it’s da bestest. I am easily amused by people becoming goth because they are “depressed about not having pie”. I have five chinchillas on farmville (do not judge me or ninja assassins will… assassinate you). I have many friends (don’t laugh at me!!) and enjoy shopping. Horses are the best as they are furry and smell nice. Gunnarolla sings one of the best songs I have heard (Canadian, please).

School can be lame at times and amazing at others. Kleenex comes in very handy when you have a cold *blows nose*. Speaking of cold, I want a polar bear for a pet (hey, I’m Canadian). I’d dye him purple and name him Fred. I WANT SUPERPOWERS!!!!!!! I like sour cream and onion potato chips with Heluva Good Dip. Toilet paper adds are irritating. Don’t run with duck tape (it’s much more deadly that scizors). 

Don’t you hate it when your nose gets itchy and you want to sneeze but the sneeze just won’t come? Why is it that if you say a word over and over and over agian it loses it’s meaning? Are lobsters right handed, left handed, or ambidextrous? Why is tree bark darker than the tree itself? How do they make the hollow part in pita bread? Why are nine volt batteries rectangular? Do penguins have knees? Do elephants jump?

If you have the answers to any of these questions please contact me at the email given on my about page. It would be nice if we knew if the emails go through. Ohohohohohoh you could comment as well! And O_O RUN IT’S THE FLYING MONKEYS!!!!!!!


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3 Responses to Randomness 2.0

  1. LCD says:

    No no no….. we KNOW that your e-mail works. 😛 What we want to know is if the contact form (being updated), will send a message to all our e-mails, or just one.

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