“Is it too sporty?”

This is the banner I made for Zoe's blog. It took about half an hour to make.

So my sister Zoe needed me to do what she claimed was just some text work in Gimp (I’ve got Gimpshop, not Gimp, just for the record). As always, it wasn’t that simple. Now, she wanted a font that would be like, all caps, but with some of them smaller than the others. The first letter, if capitalized, being larger than the others if you didn’t get what I mean (I’m trying not to be too confusing). So I come downstairs, I’m not even fully ready for the day yet (no brushed hair! Oh the horror!), and I’m confronted with these measurements: 980 x 180. So I set them up, while accepting a file transfer in Skype from KenKaniff, and hoping that Gimp won’t make Skype force quit. Luckily, it didn’t.

So I browse through my fonts until I find the one I’m looking for, which I thought was the only one I had that matched what Z wanted. In the image header, it’ ended up as the text for “Z’s Cup of Tea”, because she liked it. Also because the text reminded her of Chanel (I honestly didn’t think about that ’till she said it, seeing as I don’t see that sort of thing unless I’m looking in a magazine. And the only reason I’d be looking in a magazine would be because there’s an article about horses, or because a relative told me to look at something in the magazine. Either that, or it’s a Martha Stewart).

So it seemed that we were done. Sadly, this wasn’t the case. Of course, you can already tell this from the picture of the image header. “More than just ‘Z’s Cup of Tea’ is written on that header! And what about the green….. things? You can’t tell me that’s ‘Z’s Cup of Tea’ in some other language!” Yeah, I can’t tell you that. But thanks for the suggestion! I never thought of it until you mentioned it. 😉

Another thing I didn’t think of until now is that each banner I’ve made her took me thirty minutes to do. O.o The other graphic things I’ve done for her ‘recently’ took about an hour and a half to do, seeing as she wanted three different layouts for each (so that she could choose which one she liked best). But back to the story. She quickly scribbled in her notebook and presented me with these words: Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free (Sugar-Free was added later). When we discovered that the font we were using couldn’t do this |, she insisted that we look through my fonts for another one that fit what she wanted, for she had to have that symbol.

So we discovered the Copper Plate font. That is what was used for the tag line. So after playing around with it, she’s like “There! Perfect!” Now, before you say that definitely isn’t the end of the story (after all, the green stuff hasn’t been mentioned yet), don’t worry, it isn’t the end of the story. I insisted that it was too plain, too boring (maybe that’s why she liked it. O_O), so I started scrolling through the many brushes I have stored on my poor old computer.

First I found the doodle ones. I wanted to put the cow under “Dairy-Free”, but the brush was, sadly, too large for the banner size. Next I suggested a sheep, but Z said she didn’t want her readers to feel like they were being made into sheep (though why they’d think that I don’t know). Next came a cloud with a sun behind it, but seeing as it was also rather large, and the sun could be mistaken for anything, we dismissed that idea too.

Finally, we reached the “Vector Retro” brushes I had. After doing circular ones that I thought would look great (but which she thought were ridiculous), I took one and placed it under the ‘o’ (what I mean by “under”, is that the brush was on a layer that was beneath the text layer). Somehow, Zoe actually liked this. So we removed the green dot, played around with the shade of green, and then it was good. But I wasn’t satisfied. Still much too plain. So I went down to the brush I had at the bottom of the list, the one I used on both sides of the banner. What was the first thing out of her mouth after I put them there? Not “Oh, LCD! That looks perfect! You’re a genius! Thank you for making sure it wasn’t boring!” Nope. It was “Does it look too sporty?” -.- I ask you! So I say “No, it looks fine!” She wants a second opinion. So I turn to our bro, who is playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 (he’s completed most of that game already, it’s almost scary).

I asked my brother, “Does this look sporty? Z wants your professional opinion.” He looked, and said it was fine. Z was still sort of hmmm-ish, but in the end, we saved it, and I sent it to her via e-mail instead of Skype, because Skype downloads go straight to her downloads folder, and then she either can’t use the files, or she can’t find them at all. Or she does, but it takes ages to do so.

So that’s the “behind the scenes” post I’ve got for today. 😉 Wow, it’s been absolute ages since the last one! O.O Apparently, I’ve got to help Zoe film something soon (maybe today), so there might be another behind the scenes post relatively soon! ^_^ Hopefully, amusing stuff will happen. 😀

Click the image of the banner at the top to go to my sister’s food blog.



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I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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4 Responses to “Is it too sporty?”

  1. It looks really good!! 😀

  2. MissKittyInTheCity says:

    You did a fantastic job! It looks so professional!! Nice formatting and colours, too. Is there anything you can’t do? 😉
    Oh…I thought of something….you can’t grow a beard or chew tobacco (being clever I am sure you could if you tried…hee….hee 🙂 )

    • LCD says:

      Thank you very much. 😉 And I’m sure there are plenty of things I can’t do. XD Including the ones you listed. 😛 I could grow a beard, all I’d need was a false one and some sort of glue…….. XD And chew tobacco? No thanks! I’ve heard it tastes disgusting. >.<

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