Bell peppers and eggs: a commentary on a video on YouTube

I get to give commentary on the vid. Why? ‘Cause I filmed most of it for Zoe. XD So I give my commentary. >:) First off, before you read this, here is a link to the video. Now, watch that video.

Are you done? Good. ‘Cause I’m not. Give me a minute. *cricket chirp* Yes, I know. Seriously though, give me a minute.

*Watches the intro* …… Where did that come from? I’ve never seen THAT before. It looks far too…… commercial. O.O MY BIG SISTER IS BECOMING A YOUTUBE STAR AND I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT?! Jk. XD And what’s with the banner I made her scrolling to the side? *intro ends*

I hope she hasn’t cut out all of my commentary that I put….. as little as I put……. Dang it, it was too quiet, or she muted it or something. 😦 But our youngest bro’s thing was still partially there. While we filmed, he went and read from “Please Write in this Book” by Mary Amato, saying “My name is Luke, it rhymes with puke”. That is why I started laughing and the view shakes a little bit. XD I did my best to keep still but….. I obviously failed. XD

*watches the camera zoom in too far, then zoom out a bit* Here you get to hear her giving me trouble, and my explanation was: I’m learning. XD Which is sort of true….. with that camera at least. I wish I’d thought of a witty remark for when she said “take out the seeds and white stuff”. XD Unfortunately, I didn’t. 😦

The next video sequence is slightly louder, and you can hear my two budgies, Ruby and Agua, going nutso in the background. “With a screech screech here and a screech screech there, here a screech, there a screech, everywhere a screech screech….” Putting Old McDonald to the side for now, we watch bell peppers seemingly doing nothing on a grilling rack. The birds then went quiet (I wonder why?)

After a couple minutes for the pan to heat up, we started filming again! Woohoo! *starts thinking* Dang it, watching this is making me hungry…… *stops thinking* Ho hum….. nothing much happens now unless you’re interested in hearing about how egg will start sticking to the bell pepper. At the time of filming, I was more concerned with getting back to my e-mails,  my blogging, my Skype, and my reading. Zoe filmed the rest while I started working on a friendship bracelet.

And cue the loud, unidentifiable music with the electronic sound! *presses button on the Sam’s Remote app so that applause plays* Now……. There are a few things you should know. A) Zoe is an excellent cook (this led to some funny things from our youngest brother), and B) It is sometimes ridiculously easy to make jokes. So wed the two facts and put them in front of a camera, and you have some of my favorite comedies. 😛 Yes, the movies that seemingly every single person in the world gets to see are also quite funny, but most of my favorite ones are from recording with Zoe.

After all…… Zoe makes funny facial expressions too when I make jokes. 😛 G’bye people, I must go and……. *pretends to be the Mad March Hare* Spoon….



About Adaraschia

I'm an aspiring author and lover of mythology. And wolves and my sister's Apple Cobbler. And horse stuff. And... [signal blocked]
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