My first music post

O_O It took me such a long time to get a music post outside of my Music page 😛 Anyway, here is the tunes:

Adam Lambert:
Whadaya Want From Me
For Your Entertainment

Francesca Battistelli:
It’s Your Life

Never Too Late
Old School
Hand Granade
Bones Shatter (Never Say Never)
For the Nights I Can’t Remember
Been There Done That

Marianas Trench:
Celebrity Status
Cross My Heart
Beside You

Michael Jackson:
Man in the Mirror
Bad Beat it

Far Away
Burn it to the Ground
If Today Was Your Last Day
Next Contestant
If Everyone Cared
Rock Star
Gotta Be Somebody
Just to Get High
Never Gonna be Alone
This Afternoon
Savin’ Me
How You Remind Me

Tino Coury:

Tokio Hotel:

Owl City:
Vannilla Twighlight

Vanessa Carlton:
Ordinary Day

‘Kay. Here goes:
Hedley and Marianas Trench were discovered at about the same time roughly five years ago at a swim meet where they were playing “Never to Late” and “Shake Tramp (Not on the list ‘cos it has too much swearing >.<)”.
Adam Lambert was purchased by my dad a few weeks after it came out and I haven’t stopped listening to those three songs, I absolutly love them. Aftermath is my favorite so far.
Vanessa Carlton and Owl City I like because their music is more smooth and easy tto listen to. Vanessa’s song is my favorite of all time (at the moment). I love songs with messages like that ^_^
Francesca Battistelli’s song was on a “John and Kate plus 8” add and I love teh song 🙂 🙂 :).
Michael Jackson is Michael Jackson; come on people 😛
Tino Coury’s song was found as a free song on Tap Tap Revenge 3. Imma be buying that soon.
Tokio Hotel was reckomended to me by a school friend and I absolutly love them ^_^
I’ve been listening to Nickelback since I was about five becasue my dad listens to them all the time. My favorite ones are “If Today Was Your Last Day”, “If Everyone Cared”, and “Savin’ Me”. I love songs with a positive message. I also like “Just to Get High”, not because it has a good message, but because it talks about the dangers of drugs and such. It paints such a vivid picture in my head of how horrible it is to be addicted. I empathize a lot, so this song really hit home. “Circle in the drain, throw it all away: just to get high” *hums*

Anyway, on a lighter note, I am gonna buy a iTunes card soon so I can buy more moosic! 😀 “Diary” is on the list. Definatly on the list *contemplates what other songs to buy*


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3 Responses to My first music post

  1. LCD says:

    XD Nice post Dragon. 😛 Have you linked to it on your music page? And have you listened to Ozzy Osbourne?

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