Yes, it is true: Eminem’s newest album, “Recovery,” has been leaked to the internet.

You had better get it fast if you want it, because it may be taken down soon.

Music from it can be found at http://www.youtube.com/user/EminemAudio

As with any Eminem release, this contains explicit lyrics.

You have been warned!!!


Update: 6-11-2010 – Just as I suspected, the full album download was removed from Usershare recently on copyright grounds. Thus I can no longer provide the download link.  However, you may still listen to tracks off the album on YouTube.


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2 Responses to Eminem’s RECOVERY – LEAKED

  1. ImpartialWitness says:

    Yet another reason to subscribe! I missed it but my friend got it 😉 thanks!

    • kenkaniff says:

      Yeah, these type of things usually go very fast. I can’t find it on other sites just now, but
      1) I didn’t look for that long
      2) Someone will eventually post it again somewhere, as what happens to all decent albums.

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